Monday, April 14, 2014

Gardening over the weekend!

I spent some time in the garden this weekend and boy did it feel nice!  The weather temperatures were mid 60’s which meant more buds are opening on the trees and shrubs and more blooms in the garden appeared.
The best of what is in bloom right now are the tulips! I honestly had no idea I had so many varieties, shapes and colors.  I must have planted more last year, because I don’t remember the yellow ones. I particularly like this section of pink and yellow ones because Easter is next Sunday, so the pastel combination is perfect for the season! There is something about coming around a corner and finding these vibrant spring tulips shouting ‘hello’!
A couple of Poppy Anemone's have appeared too! Another vibrant and pretty spring bloom!
What's blooming at your place this week? xoxo, tracie


Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful! I love tulips and I see that a few of mine are up about 4 inches. Now, if I can keep the deer from eating them, I'll enjoy their blooms too. Have a great week!

Lady of the Woods said...

oh how beautiful!! I adore tulips, I must buy some from a store....wishing for parrot tulips. Love your garden!

Sue said...

As always, your gardens look SO good! I was taking some pictures of my garden today. I love this time of year!

Take care,

peggy said...

I don't guess I will do any gardening today as we have a couple inches of snow. Give me about three weeks and I will have some tulips. My best ones are Monsellas. Yours are so beautiful.

Jen Ham said...

So very pretty! xo Jen

Veronica Roth said...

Hey, you've got the same spring blooms I've got going on! :) Nice!

Sally Kelly said...

Beautiful! We've got daffodils so far (though the tulips are trying). Luckily, I cut a bunch of daffodils on Monday and brought them into the house. On Tuesday, there was snow! It's gone now, and hopefully that'll be the last of it... maybe. #NEOhio

Brooke Kroeger said...

Oh how pretty! Thanks for joining us at the Home Sweet Garden Party! Your post is a feature this week too! ♥ your tulips I need to plant more. I have a few red ones and one pink blooming. Let's chat soon ♥ Brooke