Snowball Shrubs…

Our Snowball Shrubs have exploded this week ~ we have four shrubs on our property and love every single inch of them!  When I planted them in 2006, they were just tiny little mail order baby’s.  
I planted them closer together than recommended so that the branches would grow together and be just one big mess of a plant ~ they are doing just that. 
They are just a massive statement in the landscape right now! But they are beautiful as a cut flower as well!  I couldn’t help but scatter them everywhere in the house!

A few other blooms in the garden today is the fun little hot pink primrose, and a couple of Bearded Iris’s ~
But I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Roses and Peonies that are so close to blooming any day now!
Hope you are having a great week! Be sure to check out my link to any parties I am joining! xoox, tracie


Oh! My! I would be in heaven with a bush like that! I love white flowers.
Prairie Charm said…
What a beauty! I planted one last week and I can`t wait to have it the same you have... Have a nice day, Alexandra
My snowball is just beginning now...the blossoms starting to turn white and get larger. They are a wonderful bush / love mine AND yours! :)
Unknown said…
I always do the same thing, planting things too close together.
These snowballs are gorgeous - like hydrangeas on steroids!
Bernideen said…
I especially love the photo with the chandelier!
Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

I'm dying! Your snowballs are gorgeous!! I buy them whenever I see them at the Farmer's Market. By far, one of my favorite flowers.
Thanks so much for sharing,
Stacey said…
I've seen a couple of people post these and I'm definitely going to find out if it will grow here. Beautiful!!
Sandi said…
LOVE your bush! I want one! HA!
Beautiful pictures of of your abundant Snowball Shrubs!

Jorunn Norway
Ok, now you have cinched it for me...I am not passing up a snowball bush the next time I see one to buy. They're gorgeous!
Unknown said…
Your snowballs are beautiful, what's their real name? Love the chandelier!
Unknown said…
Simply beautiful.
I'm assuming the snowballs are viburnums? Several together make a beautiful display.
Marsha said…
Gorgeous blossoms. I just purchased a tree form snowball bush last summer so I am anxious to see how big the blossoms will be this year.
Unknown said…
its beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥
that snow ball bush reminds me of my Aunt Ollie she had a huge one and it was always fun to see it in the spring when we would drive down to see her and Uncle John about a 4 hour drive from our house
So beautiful! My grandmother had the most beautiful snowball hydrangeas in her front yard. They're my favorites!
Beautiful! I love snow ball bushes.
How beautiful!! I will keep that in mind for when I have a yard some day because I would definitely love to have blooms like that!
Your snowballs look beautiful! I hope mine made it through the snow. It is so fun to bring them inside. I love all of your photos with them.
Thanks for hosting the party!!

awal.ny said…
I love spring snowballs, they are one of my favorite bushes. I can't wait for ours to bloom. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina
Tania Pelletier said…
This reminds my of my grandma, she had a beautiful snowball bush in her yard. Yours looks lovely!

I have never been able to find one locally, maybe I should look online too.

Snowball bushes are so big and blousy and lovely. I love your indoor arrangements. Your peony buds are about where mine are. Such an exciting time of year.
Simply stunning! I could not Pin the image of the hydrangeas and crystal chandelier fast enough. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
oh my goodness, gorgeous! and i have to link up to the garden party, i LOVE looking at outdoor inspiration this time of year!

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