Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 6/2/14


There is so much blooming here in my landscape I don’t even know where to begin to share it all!  Right now I still have so many peonies blooming, no matter where you look in the garden there is another gorgeous one to see! These varieties all have bloomed over this past week!


But what has really exploded this week are the roses!  Personally I’m a little star struck about how many fantastic roses I have planted.  Yes, the photo’s are pretty, but I suffer from the same diseases and rose struggles as all gardeners!  Black spot has become somewhat unruly in the garden this year, so I’ve spent a lot of time removing each leaf one by one. 


So many beautiful roses and way too many photo’s ~ go to my Facebook page if you’d like to see more!


IMG_3657Would love to see you later this evening for this weeks Garden Party too!  So many lovely garden posts! All are welcome, no rules!!!  Appreciate you coming by to look around and thank you in advance for leaving a comment! if you ever have any questions about a name of a plant I keep everything documented, and can get the name for you! xoxo, tracie


Heaven's Walk said…
You truly have a artist's eye and a gardener's green thumb, Tracie. This is all so beautiful. I love the wild, windblown look of all the soft colors and textures. :)

xoxo laurie
Your garden is so lovely. I would love to walk through it and admire it in person.
Gosh I'm envious of all your roses. Your climate is so much better for them. What day and time do you start the party?
Peonies and roses - oh my! You have such a lovely garden! And I be it smells delightful too!
Bernideen said…
Totally wonderful!
Rachel Uchizono said…
I love all the different varieties of Peonies. Your flowers are the best!
Sara Chapman said…
We all struggle with black spot, but that first flush is so gorgeous that it's worth the time. Enjoy the fabulousness and be sure to pick lots and lots of bouquets for yourself.
rush said…
Gorgeous! I would love to see your garden in person. I think I would have to smell each and every rose and touch each and every peony. Such a feast for the eyes!
oh how amazing this is! this is the kind of gardens I want with flowers everywhere especially the peonies and roses! how lovely, you must feel hugged by Mother Herself!
Sheila said…
Beautiful! I'm curious what the green plant is, next to the pink rose. Thanks!
Your garden is stunning. I just love everything about it. The arbor, the peonies, the roses, the birdhouse. Pure bliss. Visiting from SYC ~ Nancy
You must be doing a really good job, Tracie because I don't see any blackspot on your rose photos at all, just luscious, to-die-for beauties. And that second to the last photo, the pink rose with the chartreuse lady's mantle... so pretty. I'm taking a vacation day from work tomorrow so I can stay home and putter in my garden. You inspire me. Thanks again for the party.
Mary said…
I would love to know the name of the green plant that is in the first picture next to the little statue.
The flowers look lime green.

Also, may I make a suggestion? The statue might be the cause of some of the black spot in your garden. They need to be cleaned yearly because of mold and mildew. All you need is bleach, water and a little Dawn dish detergent. I hope you are offended by my comment! I know how hard keeping black spot off of roses can be.

Thanks so much,
Mary from Virginia
Mary said…
I meant to say AREN'T offended.

Unknown said…
Your garden is breathtaking! Peonies are my favorite, mine didn't bloom much this year. So happy to enjoy your whimsical garden! Sally @cottagefix
Your garden is beautiful! You give me so much inspiration.
Custom Comforts said…
Your flowers are just gorgeous! They look heavenly and your garden is just as I would imagine an English garden to be.
Larry said…
Absolutely lovely Tracie!! Our peonies are just coming into bloom and are huge this year. The tree peonies on the other hand, all froze back to the ground but are coming anew... the intersectionals are loaded with buds this season... your roses look great as well... many of mine were frozen out due to our extreme winter... some local areas recorded frost to six feet deep... unreal! Larry
Double feature my dear. I'll be showing a photo from both posts.
Unknown said…
So beautiful and the pinks are of my favorite flowers in my garden too. Your garden is stunning.
Hugs, Lynnie

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