Garden Clean up…

Fall is such a beautiful time of year with the glorious autumn colors.  But its also made me feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of gardening chores that is calling out to me! I decided that it was time to call in a crew to give our landscape a major overhaul.  Weeding, shaping, cutting back of trees and shrubs, removal of a few overgrown plants that were once a small focal point and moving around a few trees that were growing too close together! Oh, and quite a bit of fertile mulch to be spread! 


A cottage garden is beautiful in the summertime, but can quickly grow out of control! As you can see here in this photo below – this is my rose terrace as of this morning that is filled with new starts of whatever has re-seeded itself over the summertime.


There are still a few blooms from the roses that are still gracing the garden along with the turning colors of maple trees are giving me a bit of eye candy when i look out into the gardens.

IMG_6759 IMG_6766

I also came across this fall blooming camellia while taking these photo’s this morning that I wanted to share with you.


I’ll be sharing photo’s of the landscape with you tomorrow after the clean up is completed.  It is a huge sigh of relief to have help in the garden this year and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders of all that needed to be done before winter.


xoxo, tracie


Sue said…
As always, your pictures are so beautiful! Have a great week. . .

Take care,
oh yes! help is Grand and not overrated! Glad you got some! Love your gardens as always.
bobbie said…
There is something so beautifully sad about the last roses of the season... We had our first frost last night, so I'm really enjoying ours ~
Help of nature is WORTH the $ to save your back!!
Lovely, lovely photos - I enjoyed seeing your gardens. Yes, they are a lot of work and good for you for getting some help! Have a great week - Karen
I think we all reach a point where we need the big guns! I pride myself on doing a lot of work on my own, but there are just times when you need a few good people and some machinery! Your yard looks great though and I love that you are still getting some blooms!

Jane xx
My Cozy Casita said…
Your home and garden are the must beautiful place to be I love to look your blog.
I all way love California we live there for 2 year My HB was relocate for his job in Irvine SC and we rent a house in Mission Viejo, I love that litter house
3/2 one day I when to Home Deport for 25 plant of roses for those 2 year I was on haven

I was at home all day in the garden I hope one day We move back to California to complete my dream of the beautiful cottage Garden
for now I enjoyed seeing your gardens!!!
Mindy said…
I was out today just looking. It's overwhelming this time of year. I am NOT a fall gardener. What a mess. Which is why I leave it all until spring. HA! It would be nice to have someone come in and do fall clean up, but I'd be afraid they'd yank the wrong things.
Becky Elmuccio said…
Good for you for calling in the crew! Sometimes it just needs a team and thank you for sharing your garden with us again this year. I love seeing what you are up to.
Sylvia said…
beautiful gardens! I was blessed by my grandsons helping me with my yard work this summer.
Unknown said…
I was so happy when my son came to help me do some yard work this weekend,we were both tired,but it looks wonderful.
Your gardens are looking wonderful all nice and tidy and the photographs of your fall blooming camellia are lovely! Happy autumn!
Ela said…
This garden is beautiful !
Great photos ! Thanks for sharing !

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