Monday, March 23, 2015

Invisible Dog Fence…

mccall and ally (1)When I first began to get serious about gardening ~ we owned a yellow lab named McCall.  To be honest, she was an unwelcomed pal of mine when it came go gardening…she would get right up in whatever I was doing and would destroy the area as soon as I would move on to the next section.  That would mean digging up what I had just planted or rolling on an area I had just weeded ~ all endearing memories now, but at the time I would get so frustrated!  Being a home owner, you learn that there are products out there that can simplify our lives and easily alleviate stressors like what I am talking about.  A product called “Invisible Fence” – not only can you do this outside in your gardens but inside as well.  To keep dogs like McCall from jumping up and eating a wedding cake you had spent all day baking…um, yes – that really happened.
062Although, McCall passed away four years ago, at the age of 14, We now have three shih tzu’s, Charlie, Sophie (pictured) and Millie, who cannot be trusted neither in the garden or having 0f free roaming rights of the house.  We have found that the less area they have of the house, the better at housetrained pooches that they are.  And like McCall if they are allowed to follow me into the garden beds, they too would be little helpers terrors in my landscape! IMG_2728I was recently contacted by Dog Fence DIY to share the benefits of using a invisible dog fence for your home.  I was also excited about the opportunity because of the peace of mind that having an invisible fence has given our family.  No more worrying about them running out of the yard and getting lost, having them confined to areas of the house and garden that are appropriate and enjoyable and stress free for not only me, but for our dogs too!

Using an Invisible Fence to Deter Your Digging Dogs Do your digging dogs wreak havoc inside your garden? How can you stop them from uprooting your plants and causing damage? An underground dog fence is one way to protect your garden. While it doesn’t stop other animals from entering your garden, an electric dog fence is a very reliable method for containing your dogs to the area of your choice. Read on for more information about using this system in your gardens or flower beds. Why Dogs Dig Many breeds of dogs have a natural desire to dig. Terriers, for example, were bred to hunt small prey, so they’re inclined to burrow to find animals like gophers. Larger hunting breeds like bloodhounds, vizslas, and weinheimers also tend to dig. Huskies, chow chows, and other large dogs will dig into the ground to stay cool. Dogs who are not neutered may be more prone to digging, too. In fact, any dog can develop a love for digging if they’re bored enough, or if they’re determined to get to something in the ground or on the other side of the fence. A wired dog fence combined with a physical fence can help you manage a digging dog. Enclosing Your Garden Digging dogs love gardens, because the soil is excellent for digging. If you have a compost pile in your garden, they may also be attracted to it because of the food scraps. In order to keep your dogs out of your garden, you’ll need more than a traditional fence, because they’ll easily dig underneath it. An electronic dog fence will stop your dogs from digging up your garden and keep them safe from the compost pile. A DIY underground dog fence or wireless dog fence will warn your dogs when they’re approaching the garden perimeter with a mild, annoying static shock from their e-collars. They’ll be unable to get close enough to dig underneath the wire. Additional Benefits A DIY electric dog fence is a reliable solution to the problem of keeping your diggers out of the garden or flower beds, and it has some additional benefits. An electric dog fence will not block the view of your garden the way a traditional fence would, so all your hard work and prized plants will still be on display. You also won’t have to worry about opening and remembering to close the gate every time you enter or exit your garden. When you’re carrying garden tools, not having to fuss with a locked gate is definitely a plus. Also, the total invisible fence cost is up to 80% less than a traditional fence. Reinforcing a Traditional Fence If you already have a fence in place around your garden or yard, an electronic fence can still be used to add an extra layer of protection. Because digging dogs tend to be stubborn, they won’t stop attempting to dig underneath the traditional fence, especially once they’ve done so successfully. Escaping from your yard will put your dogs’ lives in danger, and possibly open you up to liability if they get into trouble during their adventure. Reinforcing a traditional fence with an electric fence will ensure your dogs are safe and your garden is protected no matter what. Remote Training Containing your dogs to one area of the yard will protect them and your garden, but it won’t stop them from digging as long as there’s ground underneath their paws. Remote training with an e-collar can help stop their digging anywhere. In essence, you’ll train your dogs by using a remote to send an annoying vibration to their e-collars anytime you catch them digging. This will reinforce that digging isn’t allowed, and before long they should stop altogether. Some invisible fences also have remote training capabilities. The Innotek dog fence review, for example, will tell you that the e-collar can be used to both reinforce set boundaries and as a remote trainer. If you decide to install your own invisible fence, there are plenty of online resources to help you choose the best system for you, your dogs, and your garden. The PetSafe YardMax is a popular electric dog fence, and there are plenty of reviews and instructions to help you out. Anyone can successfully install an electric dog fence over the weekend. Consistent, thorough training of your dogs will then take 15-30 minutes per day for two weeks. After that, you can rest your mind at ease that your dogs and your garden are safe from harm. Published in partnership with www.dogfencediy.com. We encourage you to share your experiences with a variety of dog containment systems in the comments section.

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xoxo, tracie


Stephanie said...

I have loved your blog for quite awhile. Love seeing pictures of your beautiful home and garden. I follow you on instagram also!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

We all have dog stories and of food disappearing don't we? LOL An invisible fence was a consideration for us at first but although it would keep our dog in, it wouldn't keep coyotes and other predators out.
Funny, I never though about using one inside.
My guy has to stay inside too if I'm planting bulbs or new flowers because he thinks he's helping by digging them back up for me.
Your black and white on the left makes the same smile a neighbour's dog does. We have a good laugh about it.

Blondie's Journal said...

We have thought about one for the lakehouse as we can't erect fences. My dogs could be visited by other critters but I would not have to worry about them getting loose or lost. I never thought about having the invisible fence to protect my garden! Now...if I could get the collars for all the bunnies that eat everything! lol!

Jane x

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Oh, could I use one of these! We have two Boston Terrier puppies who love roaming all over the house. Problem is, they get into everything, including my grandkids' toys! A chewed up Barbie is a sad thing indeed! The little boy pup, Fenway (who should have been named Houdini) can escape everything! I bought a kennel - he immediately climbed up and out! I put up a baby gate, same thing. He even jumps at door knobs and knocks the doors open! Good thing he's so cute LOL! There's really no way to keep him in and I'm afraid of what he and his sister, Chloe, might get into. I'd love to be entered into this give away! Thank you so much! Hugs, Leena

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

That sounds perfect to keep the dogs where you want them AND out of harms way!! If I had a dog, I would for sure need this.


Christine Vandormolen said...

Hi Tracy, your little furry friends are adorbs.....I miss our Newfie Bruce. Will have to keep this invisible fence idea in mind for the next pooch we might get!!!! Hugs up North from Olympia!! Chrisitne from Little BRags

HeatherF1 said...

I'm glad that you found something that works for you! Our dog usually has one hole he digs to stay cool.

Junkchiccottage said...

HI Tracie,
I have never used the invisible fence but I have a friend that actually installed one in the basement ceiling along the rooms upstairs she did not want her dog to go into.
Like the living room etc. It worked like a charm to keep him out of the rooms they did not want him to go into.
It is a good way to keep your pets safe. My yard is fenced so I have never had to try one of these.

lynn said...

we used an invisable fence with out st. bernard and it worked beautifully:) great info, tracie!

acorn hollow said...

Nice to see your gardens. I have not dogs at this point.
I am waiting patiently for spring.

Suzan Sweatman said...

MCcall was beautiful Tracie !
We're completely fenced in but I think one of those fences would be great around the pool area - my poor dog is blind and has gone for an unprepared swim a couple of times !
Thanks for letting me know !

chateau chic said...

Invisible fences are used a lot in our neighborhood, and they seem to work very well.
Your dogs are adorable!
Mary Alice

ANNE said...

Awww you have (and had) the cutest pups!! I never thought about using an invisible fence for keeping pets out of the garden. What a brilliant idea!!

Thanks for the tips!

Sandi said...

Our previous neighbor put part of his invisible fence two feet over on our property. Then he told hubby he was going to add more and hubby said "I don't think so"...renters...they come and go with the wind. Sigh....cute dogs!

Pondside said...

Those little faces are adorable!
We are making plans to fence our new garden. The problem is not to keep our Rory in, but to keep the urban deer out!
I would love to enter your draw! Thank you!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Hi Tracie! Well, we have cats and they live inside but if I had a dog, I would probably get one! Pretty landscaping on the home you shared.

Cutie petutie dogs, too! :)

Jann Olson said...

Hi Tracie, Our neighbor recently remarried and his new wife has the cutest little dog. It followed one of their boys to school one day and actually got inside the building. They recently installed a dog fence. Not sure what company, but it is working fabulously! And guess what? No more doggie do on my lawn either. I never complained, just cleaned it up. But happy that it's now fertilizing their lawn and not mine. lol!

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Hi Tracie! We have cats, but one day I hope to get a Corgi. I would definitely have a dog fence installed. BTW, your pups are so adorable! Have a fab day! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Shelly Olson said...

Right now we have a barrier fence for our two dogs but it would be nice to have an invisible fence to keep them in. Thank for the great giveaway and your dogs are just too cute.

Hartwood Roses said...

There's really no substitute for good old-fashioned training when it comes to dogs and gardens. My dogs have never been allowed in my planting beds. It's a simple matter of teaching and reinforcing the command 'Out' ... which also is good for getting them out of the kitchen, etc. "Out" and pointing, and the offending dog will exit the bed and sit. "Good Dog!!" and other praise is offered generously and my dogs learn where they can and can't go. Are they perfect? No, but I'm right there with them and it's my job to help them behave.

Inside, the dogs are with us most of the time. If we aren't around (out of the house or in bed) the dogs are in their crates. Safer than having free run of the house, and less worry for their Mama (me).

For digging dogs, having a place where they CAN dig is a good thing. It's like having a playground or sandbox for our children.

Katherines Corner said...

We could use an invisible fence to keep our sweet Izzy out of the flower bed. He likes to dig up my bulbs :-) He stays out of the gardens most of the time but when the soil is turned and loose ( like it is now) he can't wait to get in there. xo
Thank you for the giveaway opportunity ( I hope you have entered my giveaway too.)
You know I am a happy follower of your sweet blog

Jami said...

Oh, gosh, we've got a digger, too and when he was younger we'd see him carrying around plants I had planted the day before, lol! Now he waits til night and digs at the plants roots - grrr. This looks like a great option. :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I've tossed this idea around for awhile since my sweet Ava does great with everything EXCEPT running away and we don't have a fenced in yard. Because of the way our trees are, it would be super expensive to install a traditional fence. Thanks for the information!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

We had an invisable fence installed two years ago when we adopted our new pup...to train her to stay on our property...it works great! She is so use to her boundaries she never breaks them even when she's trying to run after the deers lol!