Cottage Garden 4/8/16

Isn't it amazing how much can change in the garden in just a few weeks? I can't believe that just a few short weeks ago when I shared my landscape with you - there was still so much open space of dirt to be seen.  Right now, if it's not a tree or a shrub that is beginning to leaf out, a perennial is appearing in just about any open space I thought I had. Right now, the garden is filled with tulips and my most favored bleeding heart plant.
Tree peonies have emerged from being in bud form one day to blooming the next.
Hino Crimson Azaleas are magnificent from the window views of our home. So prolific in color and attracts the bees and hummingbirds!
The native Pacific Northwest ferns are beginning to unfurl, I love adding interesting plants like this one  to my landscape ~ this one is called Hearts Tongue Fern.
Rhododendron Impeditum has not done very well in the past for me, however this year it looks amazing and is thriving with more dense foliage growing around it.  This is an area in the garden that I dug up two years ago, and landscaped last summer. So looking forward to seeing this area of my landscape grow this year! As they say, "first year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap"!
I have one lilac blooming - just one! the rest of them are just beginning to bud out with flowers. I was able to clip a few blooms and bring them indoors - such an amazing fragrant flower to enjoy for a few days! Looking forward to the rest of them coming into bloom.
All of my Maple Trees are leafing out - I wasn't a huge fan of anything that didn't flower in my garden landscape until a few years when I learned how beautiful maple colors can be all year long (Especially in the fall).  I've added to my collection of dwarf maples any chance I get... This one, pictured below in particular is a seedling I found in my garden and planted - different from it's mother plant (Coral Bark Maple)  it's planted outside our guest suite window and now is about four feet tall.
This Bergenia common name is "Pig Squeak" is in full bloom in the two places that I have it planted - the flowers are just gorgeous on this spring bloomer!
Our back patio garden is in full bloom right now and ready to shift into roses and peonies any day now.

I will share on the progress of our patio in a few days!  xoxo, tracie


Patty Marker said…
I could cyber walk your gardens for hours. So much to look at.
Happy@Home said…
I'm popping in after seeing your blog featured at Lemon Lane's Saturday Shout Out.
Your garden is looking absolutely beautiful. The colors and textures in the last photo are stunning. It's interesting to see the different plants that thrive in different areas. The heart's tongue fern is new to me.
GranthamLynn said…
Lovely. Thanks for sharing your garden. It's fun to see how it is doing. I've planted flower seeds in pots. I can't wait to see them sprout. I have carrots sprouted. Hopefully I'll be going soon to get a few annuals to fill some other pots.
Thanks again for sharing. Have a good week.
Tracie... love seeing your garden wake up as I know mine is a week or two behind yours! I was wondering how you keep track of all of your plant names? I started a garden journal when we moved here to keep track of my plant names but over the years have been a bit neglectful in keeping track... have thought about making a garden plan, like an architectural landscape kind of thing but as I keep adding or moving things hat would be out of date too!
PS love that tree peony... may have to try one of those in my garden :)
Hi Chris! Can't wait to see your gardens too! I started journaling (on my computer) when I started planting here in 2006 - just made categorized plants by type and names with photos so I can refer back to them whenever I need to - I also journal what didn't work and why it died so I don't try things again and spend $ unnecessarily!
Thank you! Such an exciting time of year - so much to look forward to!
I agree seeing other gardens is very fun to see what is growing and where! I am always inspired by others! I'm on fb and Instagram if you are in those! (More photos of my landscape)!!!!
You should just come visit in person!
Yes spring is my favorite time of the year! Lovely to see your garden waking up. You are a couple of weeks before us here i sweden. I especially looking forward to see more of your lovely peony's in your front garden. My dream is still to do something similar. I often look atthoses pictures. All the best from sweden
Beautiful Tracie! I never tire of seeing your garden. Love that unusual fern! My Peonies and lilacs are just in bud. Bleeding hearts are up, but not blooming. Another week or so and I'll have much more color. Right now all of my spring ground covers, my Lenten rose, and my flowering crabapple are putting on a show.
Mindy said…
Do many pretty things blooming in your garden. I do love this time of year!

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