12 Days of Christmas (Gift Ideas)....

Can you believe Christmas Day is just 12 days away.....are you ready? 

I love shopping for others, and I love putting extra thought into what I am giving for each and every person on my list.  It don't believe the items need to be expensive, but I do believe it should be something that someone would enjoy receiving just about as much as I love gifting it. I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite things that I think anyone would love to receive. Hoping my list might even find that perfect thing for someone special!
 I've been eyeing one of these boards for almost a year now.  I love how many tongue in cheek boards I see on Instagram and think this would be so fun to actually own one myself.  These boards are offered in three sizes (i want the 16x20 size) , each handcrafted board comes with a full set of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, allowing you to accent your home with personalized messages.
Here is a link to order yours:  Letterfolk
Kate Spade "Stop and Smell the Roses" Bangle, I mean, who wouldn't want this on their wrist?  It's a good reminder to just live love and be still in a moment!
Click HERE to order me one, oops - I mean yours!
Glassy Baby "Cherish" ~ is just one way to remind someone how much you care about them!  These gorgeous candles come in all colors and I was lucky enough to visit the Seattle store recently and watch the talented staff hand make a few of these....What a wonderful and heartfelt gift.
Visit glassybaby but I warn you, you cannot stop at one, these are very addictive once you see them in your home.
On my own personal wish list is this gorgeous cover for my cell phone.  I had one (or maybe two) covers from Casetify before and love how unique they are.  You can even personalize a case if that is something you'd like to do.  They are very comfortable to hold in your hand and pretty much every phone style is offered on their site.  Everyone on your list would appreciate getting one.
Visit Casetify's website to order. (most of them are on sale right now)
Maybe its only because it's not planted in my landscape and Heirloom Roses shared several 'teasers' on their Instagram account.  But "Wollerton Old Hall" looks to be the prettiest rose I've seen in a long time.  I love the lush amount of petals with few thorns, and the soft peachy color is beyond words.  The research I've read says its a great shrub to plant in with other perennials and if you know how I garden, that sounds pretty perfect.  I love giving roses to my friends and family members and have excellent luck when gifting through Heirloom Roses.  You can buy now for Christmas and have it sent in the spring during planting season.  It makes it something to look forward to!
Click HERE to browse and order at Heirloom Roses.
Who doesn't love rose gold right now....so finding these "Skinnydip Rose Gold Earbud Headphones on my daughters wish list this year, made me want some too!  They are from Urban Outfitters and the online shipping experience has been the best! 
Order yours before they are sold out - direct link is HERE.
Here in Seattle, we have a Starbucks on every corner.... okay, I'm kidding - but its sorta true.  I love treating myself to Starbucks when I am out, but love making my own here at home. So when I do, whether it be coffee or tea or even a cup of hot cocoa - I love using Starbucks "Wall Traveler" Mugs.  If you personally love something why not share what you love?
Here is the link to see all the beautiful options - Starbucks Wall Traveler
Next up are my most beloved brand of boots, Bogs.  I have a few pairs in my closet for running in town, but my favorite Bogs are the ones I wear in my garden.  They are so comfortable and love that they are a little tight at the opening so that I don't constantly have debris falling into my socks. These Bogs are completely waterproof and have a lifetime guarantee!  They pretty much have every style imaginable from grown ups all the way down to the toddler sized outdoorsman. 
If you ordered today, which one would you purchase? For you or for someone else?
Click HERE to see Bogs online shop.
Soap? I know what you are thinking....but coming from someone with horribly sensitive skin, this soap has been amazing. I believe I am going on at least five years of only using this brand of soap.  In all of our showers and our bathroom and  kitchen countertops. Who can't resist a pretty package of soap with natural fragrances like "Blood Orange Cedar", "Lavendar Tea Tree + Oatmeal" and "Rosemary Mint", right now my most favorite is "Peppermint Tea Tree" YUM!!! You can order a f4-Bar Collection for your favorite person (or yourself) and I promise you they (or you) will be grateful. 
Circle Creek Home website can be found by clicking HERE.
Abercrombie Pajama's - every year, I love getting matching pajama's for the family. This years winner is Abercrombie Patterned Sleep pants - so soft with the prettiest ribbon in the front. Comfortable pockets and love the plaid pattern to wear all holiday long. Best part, I've been washing them and tossing them in the dryer with no shrinking!  Right now these sweet jammies and matching top are on sale! Still available in all sizes and several other styles to choose.
Link to their online shop is right HERE!
Because what person in your life doesn't do a little gardening now and then?  I have tried so many, but Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves are hands down my most favorite. They are so comfortable to wear in the garden, especially if you are like me and spend hours gardening  They are perfectly snug when put them on yet allow your skin to breath - they dry out easily if you get them muddy or wet.  Wanna know the best part? They are puncture resistant, so for those of you that love roses too, you can work with roses and not get poked while wearing these gloves. No matter how many pair someone has, they can always use a new pair - I usually can find a pair at any hardware store, but if you would rather have them shipped directly to you Amazon has you covered!
Santa Mugs from Pottery Barn!  What more can I say about these - but they make a great gift for anyone on your list!  These are a replica of the ones I had when I was little, so having brand new ones mixed in on my counter with the ones from Christmas past is the absolute best.  I would be lying if I didn't share I bought several of these for gifts for family and friends!  I know they will enjoy them for so many more Christmas in their future.  Click HERE to purchase a set for someone special.
What are some of your favorite gifts that you are giving this Christmas?  I love learning about new ideas that I haven't thought of, so I look forward to reading! xoxo, tracie


Very fun gift ideas! I love the boots the most...gotta check those out.
GranthamLynn said…
Oh gosh. No I'm not ready! But I'm ready to party. The Count Down To Christmas link is new and 'live' with a surprise!
(insert smile)
See you at the party!

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