Monday, December 5, 2016

Fishtail Cottage's Christmas 2016... #3

Even though he's not coming home for Christmas, I still decorate my sons room... Okay, technically this isn't the room he grew up in ~ after he left for college and was away more than he was home, I decided I needed a project to focus on and his room became my focus.  After the completion of this room, now addressed as the "Guest Suite" in most of my blog posts about it, I can honestly say - it's my most favorite room in my home.

Can you see why it's my favorite room? Now if I could just have my son home with me, the holidays would be even better!

The Holidays can be hard when you miss someone so much, is there someone you are missing this year? xoxo, tracie


Karen B. said...

Oh my, this is just so beautiful! I love every single part of it.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks lovely and I really like the bedding! So festive.

Sarah said...

What cute bedding for a Christmas guest. Yes, this room is very inviting. Happy Holidays to you!

Lady of the Manor said...

You created a a lovely and cozy retreat for your guests!