Fishtail Cottage's Christmas 2016... #7

As you walk from our kitchen to the master bedroom you will pass this sweet baby's dresser that i store my linens in.  I found it on Craigslist last year and love having it in my home.  Since this area is visible from the kitchen, I like to decorate around it a little bit.  This year I purchased evergreens and berries from the local market instead of cutting them myself....not sure if any of you remember that I broke my wrist doing this myself last year.  As you know I love to use real plants inside my home whenever possible, so finding them available at the local market this year was perfect!
I spend a lot of quiet time in my bedroom, so surrounding myself with beautiful and peaceful decor pieces is important to me (all year long). One of my favorite areas of my home is my sitting room, which happens to be the view from my bed. The only Christmas addition I've added to this area is the garland on top of the book shelf with crystals. I am obsessed with these battery powered wired light strands that I can put everywhere I want without the worry of cords and clutter. Also the addition of a few white  poinsettia's placed in galvanized containers makes the room so pretty.

Just a few elegant touches of Christmas decorating in our Master Bedroom to share with you. We have dark furniture and a darker shag carpet so keeping with all white hues only ads to the sanctuary feeling we already have.  Also, using white - I can easily move to other parts of the house if I ever wanted to switch our decor around. Above our bed is a new wreath that matches the garland on the sitting room books shelf ~ it looks so pretty hung on the old wooden window. Another antique rose painting with the most beautiful rosary (I didn't even realize I collected rosary's until I started looking around my home recently.  I love hanging them throughout my home.

My favorite Christmas song of all time, is "Oh, Holy Night" ~ so finding this pillow on Instagram was very exciting. It arrived just in time to add to this post.
These cute little white tinsel trees are new this year, and I wrapped more of those battery powered wire light strands around these trees. They look adorable on the chippy old ladder in our room.

Thank you for peeking in at more of my Christmas decorating this year. Curious, do you decorate your bedrooms for the holidays too? xoox, tracie 


Brenda Pruitt said…
I decorated my bedroom last year, but not this year. I enjoyed seeing your home! It's quite beautiful!
Love all your Christmas decor!
mzzbev said…
I love Christmas in those neutral colors, I just don't have the nerve yet to decorate in those tones. Can't get away from traditional been and red, perhaps next year!! We'll see Merry Christmas!
Junkchiccottage said…
Beautiful Tracie. Merry Christmas.
Really pretty additions! I love when you can just add some pretty Christmas things without having to remove any décor to do it! I don't decorate my bedroom although I bought myself a red toile deer print duvet cover from Pottery Barn last year and that is my bit of red!
Pamela Gordon said…
Your decor is lovely Tracey. Have a wonderful Christmas!
Stacey said…
Beautiful!! Your home is so pretty but peaceful too. Under normal circumstances I do decorate our bedrooms just a little bit. This year we have just moved out of our house and are in a rent home. Everything is packed so our decorating is minimal and let me tell you...I miss my stuff!
Always beautiful Tracie! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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