Fishtail Cottage Garden - January 5th 2019

We've taken down the Christmas decorations here at Fishtail Cottage and the kids have headed back to their homes in Florida and Maryland and the rest of us here have settled back into our usual routine. The house seems so quiet and really bare...not as cozy and busy as it was during the holidays.  How about you? Are you still enjoying the Christmas decor and family time or are you like us? Honestly I am so ready to be one step closer to spring? I was folding laundry this past week and saw a solo Souvenir de la Malmaison rose blooming outside the guest bedroom window.  It just looked so beautiful with the sunshine pouring onto it, which made my heart feel so warm with the thought of spring flowers - I grabbed my camera and went outside to take some photo's of this rose to share.  It has been so cold and wet here in Seattle so I was surprised to see there are actually several roses in bloom. I've listed the names under the blooms - please note: the blooms look different than summer blooms due to seasonal conditions.

Souvenir de la Malmaison

Bubble Bath 

Wedgwood Climbing Rose

Sharifa Asma

Along with  the roses above I captured what I thought to be some pretty substantial photo's worth sharing of  garden plants and other winter interests that caught my eye.


Acer palmatum 'Bihou'


Terra-cotta bird sculpture

Even noticed my Snow Drops coming up and getting ready to bloom - signs of spring make me so happy!

 xoxo, tracie


Tonita said…
Beautiful flowers. I moved from Enumclaw after feeling like a duck for 14 years. Bought a tiny farmhouse sight unseen in the Appalachian mountains. After being here four years I still love it and love that we rarely have 3 days of rain in a row. I remember what felt like never ending rain to me, while living in WA. WA is a beautiful state, I just could not take one more year of the weather. It has been a bit chilly here in NC also but the beautiful blue sky/no cloud breaks have invited sunny days and hints of a hopeful early spring. Your home is beautiful.
Your flowers are so pretty, even dead there is beauty, thanks.
acorn hollow said…
that looks like spring good for you we have months to go before spring but I am still looking forward to it.
Our decorations are down and cleaned the house top to bottom I hope all sickness that has found my family goes away
Hello, your garden is very beautiful,
I find a lot of inspiration,
Have a lovely sunday.

Best wishes, Ida

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