Fishtail Cottage Garden - April 2019

April really brought so much life to the garden. All of the Lungwort, Camellia's, Foam Flower and Euphorbia showed its glory.  

My husband purchased me a battery powered Dewalt hedge trimmer so that I could try to do much of the trimming of the boxwoods myself this year.  It was fun learning to do this myself and not as scary as I thought it might be.  Honestly it was kind of fun....I even learned how to use the Dewalt blower as well - which by the way has been life changing for me as a gardener! No more having to ask my husband to clean up after I'm done after working in the garden all day. 

Throughout April, more life took place almost daily in the landscape. Spring bulbs are appearing along with Hino Crimson Azaleas (a spring favorite), tulips and my all time spring favorite bleeding hearts.

Planting my patio planters were a must this month to get ready for summer. I love having established looking planters by the end of April. I continue to add boxwoods to my planters and just sprinkle Alyssum around the perimeter of the planter so eventually it will spill over the sides. I do always have add white geraniums, petunias in my smaller pots and spread them throughout different spots on the porch and the patio. 

Thanks for coming and checking out what is happening in the gardens. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you don't already do. xoxo, tracie


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