Fall Decorating 2019

I used to decorate for Halloween, but after the kids have grown into teenagers, the effort and the time associated with decorating seems...well, just not as fun anymore. I decided decorating for Fall would be more fun for me and has shown to last from late September all the way through Thanksgiving.  Although, this year in particular it seems so many have already started to decorate for Christmas and we aren't even mid way through November.  I just can't yet....

I figured I'd better get busy and share with you my fall decor before I jump on the bandwagon of early Christmas decorating.   I love sharing my decorating through blogging to not only remind myself down the road of what and how I did things here at Fishtail Cottage, but hopefully to inspire others with simplistic decorating so that you too take time and enjoy the seasons. 

I've seen these baskets everywhere, I even believe Target may have some in stock...this one I found before I started seeing in shops locally on Etsy.  I loved the warm color of the vintage basket which has a leather handle for the front garden gate. I filled it with an old mason jar full of Brown Eyed Susan's.  I don't have very much of this color in my landscape, however this is the perfect flower to cut and place everywhere that has an empty jar or vase. 

The front porch I try to keep simple. For several years I've had have my white wooden lanterns out here that have white battery powered candles that light up in the evenings. However I decided to move those to the Chicken Church to change things up a bit. The Pumpkin patch sign I found at Michaels last year and it made its way to the porch again this year. I love the corn stalks on each side of the door and this year, I wrapped battery powered twinkle lights around them.  Recently I found on Facebook Marketplace this rusty old wood stove and filled that will lights as well - it looks adorable lit up at night time. We never get trick or treaters here, so I piled the porch with miscellaneous gourds instead of pumpkins this year and I actually have seen less slug trails and bottom rot with using gourds this year. In the terracotta planters I filled those with a variety of Kale, Dusty Miller, Pansies, Yellow peppers and Chinese Lanters. My layered rugs were something I saw last year on several bloggers front porch post, I loved it so much after replicating it with my own twist, I've left it like this for the entire past year just changing out the smallest mat. This one that says "Hello Pumpkin" is from last year as well I found on Amazon - I'm wondering if taking a permanent marker to the wording might darken it up a bit.  

The covered patio outside two sets of french doors is practically an extension of our home where we enjoy every possible opportunity to be out here. We entertain a lot out here so it makes sense to decorate out here as well. Again the cornstalks wrapped in battery powered lights and the same planters filled with the same plants as in the front yard but added some bright crimson heuchera and a few mums. This Mathew Maple Tree is gorgeous out here right now, but I have plans to plant it in the landscape soon. I love playing off the other colors that are in the landscape when I am decorating out here.   

The Chicken Church/Chicken Coop/Garden Shed (still not sure how to refer to it) is something I am really enjoying decorating and changing things out in since it has been built. There are so many cute and fun ways I can decorate this garden structure, the options seem endless. I kept with the same style of decorating that I showed above on both the front porch and on the patio. I've moved things around a little and love the way it looks right now. The color of the roof plays well with all the fall colors in the trees around it. A few things that I did do up here that I'm happy about is,  I changed out the pink pillows from the summertime decor and added these pretty yellow ones from World Market. It gave the garden bench a cozy feel when you are walking up to it. I love sitting out here and watching the chickens as they free roam in the garden. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I moved the lanterns from the front porch to back here to decorate with. the candles and the twinkle lights around the cornstalks light up in the evening making it look very pretty and welcoming. The color of yellow that I used this year, seems to play off so nicely in front of the salvaged wood of the house. Even the chickens look adorable next to all of the decor!

I don't share much of the inside of my home, but I did recently create a new look for our great room faux mantle and give a subtle hint of fall feel. I searched high and low for the most perfect antique mirror, I kept a few of my empty frames that were previously layered on the mantle and found a few vintage framed floral prints, some antique apothecary jars and a couple wooden candlesticks.

Thank you so much for coming over to see all the fall decorating I've been doing. I can't believe a Christmas post is around the corner. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook to see new and exciting things more often.

xoxo, tracie


Good Morning
Your outdoor space is incredibly beautiful Love how you decorated it all. Love your covered porch so much*
I don't decorate for Christmas yet either, not until after Thanksgiving.
Your mantle is gorgeous*
I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful home

Sarah said…
Your basket of Brown Eyed Susans is charming. I had some Brown Eyed Susans pop up in my garden this fall, and between that and this post, I plan to cast some seeds for next year to provide myself a cutting garden of these cuties. Everything you've done for a touch of fall is perfect. Happy Autumn!
It all looks so pretty, and i love all your Fall colors, know you had a good time, thanks so much for sharing with us, i enjoyed it.

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