Fishtail Cottage 2021 House Remodel

As I mentioned in a previous post we have been remodeling the inside of our home and I am really enjoying the brighter days with the new colors of the house.  Of course one of the first things I did was cut a bouquet with winter camellia blooms for our family room. 

Living through a remodel is not an easy process, but the end result and hindsight is everything!!!! So to give you a list of everything we did is as follows.... removing several plantation shutters from certain rooms in the house to bring in more lighting, refinishing the hardwood flooring with a darker stain, replacing carpet on the stairs and upstairs hallway, new carpet in upstairs bedrooms and bonus room, new countertops on bathroom counters, new tile on flooring in bathrooms, most all walls and trim in the entire house, painted a couple pieces of furniture in my home office, new railings, new hardware throughout the kitchen and bathrooms, mirrors and lighting. 

After moving everything out of the house for all of the work that had to be done, i was selective about what came back inside. I also moved furniture around to different places in our home to change things up a bit. I've also added so many houseplants that are thriving now because of the lighter conditions we have inside now.  

Soooo, with all of that said, welcome to our new home! It feels so fresh and comforting with all of the updates we did over the past couple months. I love wondering the house and tending to normal chores a little differently...i am obsessed with the vintage touches combined to traditional home decor, for some reason, everything just feels like it goes well together now.  I truly feel that the inside of our home match with the cottage feel that I've created on the outside and makes my heart so happy.

 If you have any questions about sourcing items in the photo's please do comment below. Some items are vintage or I have had for awhile, but i may be able to help you find something similar. Thanks so much for coming over to see the house updates and looking forward to sharing more soon. xoxo, tracie 

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Love your beautiful home! So much inspiration and lovely ideas...
The painting in grey with fading roses, Oh I just LOVE it!!!!
elizaashenden said…
Just discovered your blog by accident, looking up an artist WJ Maskell, whose prints of London you bought several years ago!( I just got one given to me by my parents- of Cambridge England (I live in England) Don't know if they have survived the remodelling and are back in - or out of Fishtail!( I do love mine, I have to say, just finding a good place to hang it). I just love your beautiful home- just fallen in love with every part you have honoured us to share a glimpse of. You have a great sense of putting things together, all your items and photos of them inspire and soothe. The light colours are very uplifting. A home that soothes the soul I think! Thank you. Its inspiring to me as I try and remodel our home, too.

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