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2022 Garden planning...

Taking this time during winter solace to enjoy the rest, but it is also the time I begin to ponder what is to come in the landscape of 2022. I love returning to old photos of the garden and seeing how it all has evolved over the years.... revisit plants I've lost over time and wondering why? plants I no longer have because of my own doing and deciding what I need to reintroduce because I loved them so much at one time. Over time, I've realized that sometimes it's the placement, the changes in the landscape. Such as two years ago - I decided to remove some very large arborvitaes from the entrance of my secret garden which entirely changes the entire area from shade to full sunshine. In retrospect, I should have removed some of the shade plants instead of watching them struggle over the past year, however I've also learned some actually do thrive well in place...they just may die back when the summer heat arrives and go dormant until the next season. The problem is the sp

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