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Fishtail Cottage Garden - September 2019

September certainly flew by, didn't it.  The last few weeks of the month quickly turned from mid summer to the feeling of fall...but looking back on all of the photo's I shared this past month on Instagram it truly was a beautiful past month.

I still have several roses blooming, I love cutting them and bringing them inside, but before I did so I had to snap a few photo's for you to see them. Its been raining here (a lot) recently so it is imminent that the roses won't last long
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are in their final stages in this later part of September - I captured a few beautiful photo's of them before the big day comes that I cut them all back.
 The Macrophylla Hydrangeas are stunning this year with all of the vintage colors they are displaying. These make an excellent cut flower to dry and have inside for the winter months.
  Although fall is coming, and you can see it a bit in the photos posted below, but mostly you can feel it in the air. I feel n…

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