Introducing The Citrus Cottage

So excited to share that my husband and i purchased a home in La Quinta California last year and officially became "Snowbirds". I've enjoyed taking this place over and making it our own. However, doing so has had its own set of challenges. No, we did not sell Fishtail Cottage in Bothell, Washington we will plan to maintain both homes with lots of help. However, I will continue to soley manage the gardens at Fishtail Cottage. I find it very scary to trust all my blood sweat tears and work to anyone. 

I really hoped I could transform my go to household style into a mid-century modern design with a minimalist touch. I tried in the beginning, but it just didn't come naturally to me. I ended up doing what I know and endorsing the "Cottage Style" with a modern twist. It's been difficult to find the Cottage Style available locally in the desert, so I've brought much of it from home and ordered many items online.  I absolutely love how this place is turning out and I know over time it will become more and more mine!

The house came mostly furnished, but after only a few days I began parting ways with the previous homeowners' pieces and immediately started introducing things that were more my comfort style. It didn't take long for the crazy number of boxes to start arriving on the porch from Anthropologie, Target, Amazon, Magnolia and Zara Home and many other boutiques and personal flea market vendors. Opening the boxes felt like the best Christmas ever... Every box had no rhyme or reason to the arrival - and it was dreamy to find places for each and every item. 

It is insane how much "stuff" you need creating a new home. All of the kitchen needs is outrageous - but the best part, is it’s all new! So, every time I take it out of the cabinet or drawer, it's very exciting.  I've even been cooking much more than before because it's just myself and my husband and he's not as picky as the kids have been over the years. Seriously, I gave up trying to happily feed everyone. Our home dinners turned into a fend for yourself over the years except for Sunday dinners...which even that became a potluck scenario so everyone could eat what they loved.  I'm a total geek when it comes to being organized, so of course, every nook and cranny has its own customized organization strategically planned out.  The Container Store became one of my most favorite places to order my needs from. I can't begin to tell you how id lay awake at night brainstorming which space needed my attention next. I truly enjoy the whole process of making my home here in La Quinta comfortable for not only me, but for anyone that visits. & yes, I'm constantly tweaking what goes where according to the vibe I get while living here.  

While tackling the inside of the home and making it cozy, my mind was racing with dreams of what to do outside in the garden. Because where we live at Fishtail Cottage in Bothell, Washington is garden Zone 8b, I had some learning to do. La Quinta California's garden Zone is 9b, so I knew going into the purchase of this home, I could plant different things that don't grow for me at home. After many nights and days of research, both online and visiting local nurseries and asking so many questions....I again decided to stick with what i know and plant a cottage garden here in the desert. The only downside I foresee with a cottage garden is that i am slightly using more water than others around me that are maintaining a desert landscape. 

So, what have I introduced into my garden here in the desert? Well, you'll have to look for my next post. 

I'm finally feeling we are settled and enjoy living in our new place! We are enjoying friends and family coming to visit and learn so much about this house with every visit. We are still learning the area and meeting new friends to hang out with. My husband loves to golf when he isn't working and I'm finding new hobbies for myself. We facetime quite a bit with the grandkids and are trying to visit Washington as much as possible to see our friends and family there, along with checking on the house the house and gardens.  We will spend the summers in Washington and our winters here in the desert. If you are interested in following the journey here and seeing our place in its own journey of making it our own, please make sure you continue to follow Fishtail Cottage on blogger and yes, I created an Instagram to follow my journey at The.Citrus.Cottage too! 

xoxo, tracie


Well your new 2nd home is lovely! Love your decorating too! I hope you’ll have many years of enjoyment there!

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