Step Two Garden Planter

I'm so excited to share with you this amazing planter from Step2... 

Step2 makes fantastic products for kids - you know the playhouses, slides, climbers water tables, etc? Well, they have branched into garden products now. When they reached out to do a collaboration, I was so excited and began planning my vision to use it to use it as a place to plant the seeds I brought from Washington State to California. It arrived super-fast and very well packaged. I will say this was super easy to put together. It came a with step-by-step manual which simplified the process and literally took minutes to put together. Not only is this planter so pretty to look at it, but it’s multi-functional. 

After putting it together and giving myself a few days to look at it, I thought of the brilliant idea to use it as an ice bucket when entertaining. & as you can see it's absolutely perfect! So if you are not a gardener, you definitely need this too! So before planting my seeds and making it a garden planter, we decided to try it out to use poolside here in California. We love the fact that the three buckets are removable and easy to carry no matter what you have that in them. The ice stayed cold for hours, making it a perfect solution for an afternoon cooler. I decided not to drill holes in the bottom for now because I think it could be used indoor and outdoor if I decided to do so. But I’m sure you could do that very easily.

Now to share my favorite part, using this as a planter box for drainage, I set a couple, empty nursery containers in the bottom and turned them upside down.  You could use plastic bottles, Styrofoam, or something else to repurpose so that as your seeds or plants grow, they are not saturated or waterlogged.

Always, always, always use a good potting soil especially when you are trying to get roots established. I personally like to use miracle grow planting mix. The one I'm using is called "Starting potting mix by Miracle Gro". I filled the soil 3/4 of the way in each of the planter buckets. Then I placed my seeds where I wanted them, next, I placed a thin layer of more soil on top. I also had started seeds a few weeks before this and I ended up moving those seeds to the planter boxl. I used popsicle sticks and clip on signs from the Dollar Store and wrote the plant names with a white permanent marker I found on Amazon.

After just three weeks look how all my seedlings are thriving – isn’t that crazy? I water every other day using the mister on the hose. I carefully maintain a decent amount of water, but also careful not to overdo it to saturate any roots that are getting established.

Here in California, we have lots of wind/dust storms, which means anything outside can get pretty dirty. I’m happy to share that this cleans up so nicely by just spraying any dirt off using a hose. 

 I’m delighted to share that Step2 has offered to give Fishtail Cottage followers a 15% discount on anything from their website! Use offer code
When you purchase. You have till March 31, 2023 to use the coupon!

Personally, I would love one more of these to use for both gardening and also entertaining purposes. We really enjoyed using the ice bucket idea as an option. So, I highly recommend ordering at least two of these beautiful planters for yourself!

Thanks so much for coming over and visiting! Happy Gardening!!
xoxo, tracie


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