My new birdies…



Burlap Luxe said…
Oh! my how cool is this, I love this post...What did you name them.

MS. "T" I have a board ready to go I have to paint the words and bird along with the twigs! Let me see how this one turns out and I will get with you first on it. I will send a photo's and if you still want it then it will be yours:)

I will let you know as soon as I prep the art!
Unknown said…
They are so beautiful. You really love and appreciate nature, I really like that about you. How do you have time for anything with 7 children and animals?
Sarah x
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave your sweet comment! I'm so glad you did so I could find your beautiful blog! I LOVE all of the pictures of your home and garden in your header picture! Sooo gorgeous! I see the birdhouse you mentioned that looks just like mine. I bought mine at Peir 1 Imports years ago... I'm sure yours is the same one... they look identical! I had mine inside my house for years before I put it in the garden. That's why it looks so new.
Love the sweet birds you bought... too cute!
Have a wonderful day!
~ Jo :)
Hi Tracie!
Thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon and leaving a was nice 'meeting' you! Love your sweet little birds...very pretty indeed. I'm off to see your other posts..enjoy your afternoon...Maura :)
Tara said…
Hi Tracie..Just found your blog and I also love gardening.Your birdies are divine..Please pop over and visit my blog sometime..I've just become your follower..xx
Lindy said…
Oh my goodness, those birds are gorgeous! What fun you have ahead!
thanks everyone! i've collected antiqued bird cages for a while that are just sitting in our cellar. the cage these new little birdies are in i found in Laguna Beach while visiting. my hubby thought i was nuts for what we paid to purchase & ship it home. The kids named them Nala & Noah...hoping they are a pair. haven't heard any coo's yet, which surprises me since our ring neck doves never stop "cooing" i think they are still figuring out their new home. they make a great addition to my transformation of the den!
michelle said…
Hi Tracie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! The candle holder is wood, it was one of those vintage sugar mold. I sanded it and painted it with white spray paint! If yours is metal you can sand the rough and rusty spots and use spray paint as well with Rustoleum paint! It is amazing what paint can do! :) I hope that helps, if not please let me know! I just love your birds, they are so beautiful! I love the names the kids picked out too! :) Have a wonderful evening!
Julie Marie said…
Oooh they are so very beautiful!... I love all God's precious little creatures and my days are filled with nature walks and enjoying it all... xoxo Julie Marie
Eileen said…
What beautiful birds! Thanks very much for linking up. I love seeing everyone's different pets.

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