Dining slipcovers arrived!

What a fantastic addition to my kitchen chairs – just take a look at the before & after pictures, what a difference it has made in the look and feel of the room!  Thank you Shellagh from Ticking and Toile

for sharing your talent with me to lighten up this area of my home!  Your work is beautiful and so perfectly detailed!  I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!!!!





I’m amazed at just how much brighter my home feels with just some simple & slight touches of la lighter color…


Anonymous said…
Yup they look good all right!! Did she pad them or stuff them?

I am going to make some for mine too...at some point.

Amazing what something really simple can do to a room. Just lovely and I am glad you are so pleased!
Your dining room looks so beautiful!! I love the slipcovers in there!!! They look so perfect :) Thanks so much for sharing my work with bloggyland! :)
Hi Tracie....your little slip covers look WONDERFUL! Yes it's all in the little details isn't it. I agree your room looks much brighter and more cottagy (sp)...so much more inviting and warm. I'm going over to Shellagh's to check out her blog! Congratulations on your 'new' room!
Maura :)
Naturally Carol said…
They sure make a difference and add lightness and warmth to the room. They are very inviting!
Love your new stylish slipcovers. Very cute. You should link to my party tonight which is for before and afters.
Blue Creek Home said…
OMG, she does such gorgeous work. They look great in your kitchen. I love them.
Don't you just love her creations. She is so talented. I love her beautiful bedskirts too.
The chair covers are so lovely and they make your dining area even prettier.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm signing up to follow you.

Robin Johnson said…
What a difference! I just love the ruffles. They make your dinning look so much more fancy!
Comeca Jones said…
I Love the ruffles also !
Julie Marie said…
HI Tracie... they look absolutely gorgeous!... that's exactly what I want to do in my kitchen... are they slipcovers over your brown cushions, or are they new cushions? I will check out her shop... love the white candles on your table too... perfect!... xoxo Julie Marie
Hi there...thanks everyone for your comments - i am so pleased how they turned out. they are just slipcovers over the padded cushions that are aready there! When i told the family they weren't allowed to eat on them - they looked at me like i was crazy! lol i have the kiddo's just lift & scoot the covers to the back of the chair so they don't spill on them! xoxo
Tricia said…
Oh, they look beautiful! They really transform the room :)
Faded Charm said…
It looks like you've figured out how to add your post to the linky list.

Love the slipcovers. doesn't Shellagh do a wonderful job!

Enjoy your week.

Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Tracie
Shellagh did a great job... They really lightened things up with cottage chic-ness :)
Everything is coming along in your designs, white white white and more white :)

See you soon girl
What a great idea, totally changed how the area looks! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comments!
Hi Dear, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my florals. I love your new slips, I have also just ordered slipcovers for my dining chairs and received them yesterday. They are full covers though, I'll post about it soon. Your chairs look so darling with the slips. And what a beautiful blog, hugs tami
michelle said…
Beautiful!! I love them! They really do change things up, sweet and cozy! :)
Julie Marie said…
Hello Tracie... just me, peeking in again at your gorgeous chair slipcovers... I checked her site, but didn't see any... did you special order those? I love them so much!... I have a vintage white tablecloth with roses that was my mamas that I want to put on my table, then get white cushions...yours are so pretty!... I think the natural woods look really gorgeous with some white accents too... xoxo Julie Marie

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