Birdie Cloche…

… has birds and it has flowers…which justifies my purchase!   Isn’t it beautiful? 


I am loving this new addition to my décor…it has so much character with the rusted metals, glass & woods…

Happy Monday Everyone!!!


Julie Marie said…
Oh my gosh Tracie!... we think so much alike, I love that!!! Where on earth did you find it? I want one sooo bad! I love birds and flowers and my home is full of them... so pretty!!! Where are you putting it? In your den???... xoxo Julie Marie
Your rustic cloche is lovely with the bird and flowers under it. Seems like it could go in any room of the house.
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- That is VERY, VERY cute! I love birds & cloches-perfect combination! Hugs- Diana
Anonymous said…
I can see why you bought it. I would have too! It's precious!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)
KimMalk said…
I agree, it is so cute. I love a cloche that already has something in it.
Same here ,I love birds and trees ,but birds in a tree in Cloche perfect.
I would love one of those. It's gorgeous. Pam x

(We are subtropical in Brisbane just 2 degrees away from the Tropic of Capricorn)
Lara said…
Very cute! I like the stone ~ greige tones to it. Thank you for your visit today!! :) xx
michelle said…
It is just beautiful Tracie! I adore birds so and the cloche is just gorgeous!!
It's gorgeous, I'll be posting my little cloche on Wednesday. Yours is amazing withe the gardeny bird figure. Just beautiful xoxo tami
I really love the allover grey. Makes it look really old. Very nice!
DARLING!!! I love the color and finish too- it is soo charming! Well done! :)
Hi Tracie, just popped back over to say, I already am a follower, and am glad I am. I will put you in my blog love though, so I can keep up better ;) and thank you for the invite to your new link party, I hope to enter this week. xoxo
That is beautiful tracie! I was reading your bio 7 kids! wow. I bet your home is filled with love and never a dull moment huh.:)
Robin Johnson said…
How pretty. I love how you have displayed it.
betty-NZ said…
That is such a lovely find!
sandra said…
Hi Tracie, thanks for visiting my blog ! Oh my gosh I love your bird and cloche! I am so excited to follow you...I grew up in Edmonds with a forest in my backyard.
Ooh, this is so pretty! I want one too.

Hi Tracie!
I love cloches and I love birds, so I love this addition to your decor, too!
Have you seen my post with my bird nests? I love birds 'n things, too!
The little yellow bird you asked me about is a goldfinch:
I make sure my hubby keeps our bird feeder full of food for our little friends--I enjoy them so much, don't you?
Blessings to you!
Anne said…
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Anne said…
Its so gorgeous! You have some delightful bird decor items, i'd love to feature them. I'll look through your posts for an assortment but if you have other items that aren't shown on the blog, please send them and i'll add them to the post.
Lady Pamela said…
Fabulous cloche. I have a few, but I never know what to put in them. You are doing such a great job on your home and on your blog.

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