Corbel for the Den…

When I started the makeover of the den – I started to search for unique & beautiful finds – ones that spoke to me!  One item I really hope to find (someday) is two matching salvaged Corbel’s to use as book ends.  I haven’t had any luck – but when I saw this pretty Corbel  at unExpected Par Tie Etsy Shop – I snatched it up right away.


I asked about the history of the Corbel & this is what I was told! “Hello, what I do know about your piece is that it came from a Victorian home in Woodstock, Illinois, which is a charming town with an old town square, etc. The movie Groundhog Day was filmed there.”


It ads just the right amount of chippy white to the den and gives the little nook next to burlaped plant a little extra something that wasn’t there before. 

xoxo, tracie

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Kathy said…
That's very cool! Terrific find - love pieces with a story!
Victorian1885 said…
What a great find..can't wait to see your renovation!
NanaDiana said…
What a great find. The first thing I thought of is that it would make a great "brace" for a half-round shelf piece...out of thick wood and shabby-white or a piece of stone of some would act as a center support then. I am sure you will think of 50 different ways to display it! Hugs-Diana
You have made a wonderful find. Would make a great shelf bracket. ~~Sherry~~
Love theses! I too have been looking for a pair for my family room. Love the chippy white paint!
Thanks for finding my little blog. I am following yours now too! xo Caroline
I love old corbels! They have such beautiful character.
~ Julie
Gail said…
No need to find a matching pair of corbels to use as bookends. I use mine off center. I line up the books on one side of a shelf (essentially using the shelf edge as one of the bookends) then use the corbel as the other bookend. I have several in my bookshelves. As you can guess, they are rather large. My shelves aren't large enough to accommodate two.

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