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There are so many fantastic local shops that I love here in Washington State.  I of course have a few favorites! This one in particular I would love to share with you!  Located in Bellevue Washington is a fabulous store called Common Folk Co!  Kathryn, the owner of the store – was kind enough to allow me to take photo’s in her store to share on my blog – she is the sweetest woman was so gracious about it!
How cute and clever is this display for matches?
& loving the Spring décor found in so many nooks!
Of course – since I have a passion for gardening – these were my favorite displays!  Too cute for words, right?
Pictures don’t do this store justice…but take a peek at 266their customer service.

(Free private labeled chocolates, coffee & tea)
Everything in this store is displayed with vintage style in mind.  The vignettes are carefully adorned by both old and new products…many by artists with one of the kind pieces.
Kathryn, the owner of the store – was kind enough to allow me to take photo’s in her store to share on my blog – she is the sweetest woman was so gracious about it! No they don’t have an online store but if there is something you see in the photo’s please contact them directly – info. is below!
If you get a chance to pop in to visit, please do & let them know that I sent you….To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…
xoxo, Tracie


La said…
What a lovely store. I could spend hours perusing their goodies. Thanks for sharing.
So many pretties! Great shop, thanks so much for sharing!
Victoria said…
What a darling little shop! I went to Bellevue in the 90's and wow, what a gorgeous town it is. I am totally swooning over those little cherub frames!
I spotted a lot of great things here...I would love shopping here! Kathryn sounds like a sweet lady.

Unknown said…
what a lovely place to shop
Lot's of vintage goodies in this store. I too love all the gardening items, especially the tall boots.
Unknown said…
Oh my! I sure hope to visit this shop someday.....it's so hard seeing all these fabulous places I want to go to.
Enjoy your day~hugs from Florida
Scrappy Grams said…
I could spend hours there. The vignettes are a delight to view!
Such a cute store. Thanks for sharing all the pretty things with us.
Kinda' glad I don't live too close to that store....I'd have to find a job to support my shopping habit! Wonderful merchandise and such beautiful displays.
michelle said…
What a beautiful store, I could spend some time in there on a daily basis. :) Thank you for sharing!
NanaDiana said…
What a great store! The inside doesn't look anything like you would think from the outside! She has some great stuff there. I love that kitchy little travel trailer with the bottle brush trees. How very comical! I can't believe all the things she has PLUS she has coffee...Oh My! I'm afraid I might move in and never leave! xxoo Diana
Sandy said…
I would love to visit this store.. we just don't have such stores here.. everyone is so transit, we call them 'snowbirds' they come for the winter and go back north in April of each year.. too hot to stay the summers...
If I ever get that way I'll go visit for sure!
Pamela said…
My kind of store Tracie!
That was a lovely tour!!

Pamela xo
Olive said…
love garden stores...look at those cloches
Burlap Luxe said…
Would love to be shopping with you!! that shop would have me in wonderland finding great little treasures :)

Hey girl! I know its been quite some time and you most likely gave up! But I have a batch of that great Solid Mahogany and cut 22" long making for a perfect sign!!!
Are you still wanting a Merry Christmas sign my style! like the one you requested?

I know its Easter for goodness sakes!!! I don't plan these things well do I :) Yet I am now gearing up to the Christmas items now!! Mixing some of the year around things.

Post me if you are still in need of one!
Anne said…
those chandeliers are intriguing! Thanks for the eye candy!
Thanks for taking me on such a lovely fieldtrip! I was given one of those beautiful packs of matches with a bee motif on them in my Stocking this Christmas. They are just delightful.
I could get into a whole lot of trouble here!
What an inspiring stop!
What a great store Tracie! xo Caroline
KathyB. said…
When I get up to that part of our state I will check out this store, I can tell I could spend quite a bit of time inside, and maybe a bit of money too.
Adorable! I'd hope to accidentally get locked in there overnight :)
What a fun store~ the kind I could spend all day in! The cloches caught my eye:)
Oh I could have FUN in there! Leave hubby outside and spend a shwack of bucks!! Thanks for the tour.
Kathy said…
This is wonderful! I could spend a lot of time in this store! Thank you for sharing - hope you have a terrific week,

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