Christmas in April?

It pays to be patient…I wanted so badly to own one of Dore Callaway’s originals…especially her “Merry Christmas” sign.  It sold out as soon as she posted them in her Etsy Store .  I’ve been on a waiting list for this sign and I’m just so excited that it arrived to me today!


Thinking I should leave it up to enjoy all year until Christmas?

xoxo, tracie


Victoria said…
I love Dore's signs!!! Lucky you and I totally think you should leave it up all year:)
My Grama's Soul said…
Beautiful sign Tracie......You know, I have never lived in a cottage but I am able to live vicariously through yours.

bj said…
If I had one that pretty, I sure would leave it out all year. After all, Christmas is in our hearts all year long...right?
I have a Father Christmas that lives in my living room all year long. :))
Unknown said…
why not? birds are always popular! it's gorgeous!
You are so cute, Tracie! I think you should leave it up...consider yourself early with Christmas decorating!

NanaDiana said…
LOL Tracie- You are my kinda girl!;p>D Happy Easter ...or Merry Christmas....your choice! xxoo Diana
Burlap Luxe said…
HI Girlie!

Tracie I was sooo Shocked to have scrolled down and saw you announcing Christmas in April :)

I am soooo happy it got to you safe and on time for Christmas!

I vote you tuck it away, and bring it out at ThanksGiving and it will be an early Christmas gift to your self!

I even wrapped it up for you so you would feel like you were opening a Christmas Gift :)

Thank you for this beautiful posting, it was a jpy to make sure you were number 1 on my order list!

Love yeah girl!
And Happy New Year

PS...Happy Glorious Easter.
BECKY said…
Now I think that was sooo worth the wait! It is lovely! And I would definitely leave it up all year!! After all, there are only about 8 months til Christmas, and we know how fast time is flying by!!

Have a blessed Easter, Tracie!
Adorable sign :) I think it was worth the wait for sure!;) Happy Easter~ Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425
OH it's really great! It will be perfect! Thanks for the heads up about the great magazine in your last post!
Ann said…
Not a bad idea to leave it till Christmas...
you know what they say,
everyday should be like Christmas ♥
Raffy Jay said…
Christmas in April could be possible then
Raffy Jay said…
Christmas in April could be possible then
Sweet sign, I love it! I think celebrating Christmas all year long is a GREAT idea!
Happy Easter...HE is risen!
Dear Tracie, Glad you finally got the sign you wanted. Looking at your header pictures, your garden is amazing. Thank you for visiting my blog. x
Gorgeous sign! I checked out her store too, lovely stuff!
omg, that is gorgeous! i am so glad you got one...her style is soo me and i need to hop on over there to check her out. thanks so much for this post! :)
Ricki Treleaven said…
LOL, Tracie! You are too funny. The sign is pretty, and I do think it was worth the wait. Is the perfect accessory to your adorable cottage! :D
I like that very much! Gotta go check out her signs and thank you for introducing them to me. I'm enjoying your website!
Heaven's Walk said…
Dore is such an incredibly talented artist, isn't she??? :) Love her work! You should just keep it up to remind all of us to carry Christmas in our hearts all year long! Have a blessed Easter!

xoxo laurie
The sign was worth waiting for Tracie and it looks great where you've hung it. Why not leave it out year round? It would be an interesting conversation piece.
Happy Easter.

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