Match Box….

So sweet is this vintage match box I recently found in a local antique store.  
I’ve been having so much fun with my patio makeover!!! My primary focus as I’ve been searching for goodies to bring home – has been to find something functional yet with charming character.  We love using our outdoor fireplace throughout the year, no matter what kind of weather is beyond the patio!  Our kids enjoy family time around the fire, just talking without distractions of televisions phones or computers. 
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xoxo, tracie


Crystal said…
I've always loved these match boxes!! Great find!!!
Oh now that is cool...I had not seen one before.

Blessings Kelsie
Hi Tracie
I've not seen a match box before but love the vintage appeal of this one that you found.
shabbyfufu said…
Perfectly chippy & shabby Tracie.....only we junk lovers would realize that!

Ooo great find! Whatcha going to do with it? I would do a little succulent planter I think!
Anonymous said…
My child hood home had a fireplace in the backyard. We spent many family fun times roasting hotdogs in the summer time and marshmallows in the Fall. Leaves would get burned in it too since we lived in the city. Great memories. I bet backyard fireplaces will make a comeback.
Ann said…
Great find, looks like it found a perfect home.
Cottage Flair said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours has lovely photos! Great matchbox.
Julie Marie said…
Love your sweet little match holder Tracie!... I want to come sit out on your patio by a fire and sip coffee with you, 'k?... xoxo Julie Marie
I love those old match boxes, I looked at a wooden one yesterday, but just not as pretty as this type. I could see yours as a pretty bird feeder too, if you didn't have an outdoor fireplace. Gorgeous.
Sandi said…
Your little matchbox is cute! I have a vintage pink one that is in my bathroom holding cotton balls. I love the ideas of a succlent holder or a birdfeeder too! Time to change mine out!! :)
Shannon said…
Love the matchbox and I really can't wait to see what you do with your back patio!
Donna said…
What a fun find! Glad to meet a fellow Washington State blogger! I am your newest follower:)
What a great find! You really are bringing together pieces with charm and personality.
clustres said…
Love this match holder! Reminds me of my ice trays.
Atticmag said…
Oh my. That matchbox is such a throwback to the days when you had to light the pilot on the stove. I can remember kitchens with those hanging on the wall (I was very young though, LOL). Thanks so much for stopping by to see our roses. Much appreciated. Jane
Arabella said…
I had a repro-matchbox like this for years but yours is so much better. Another delightful find, Tracie! Keep up the good work.

Great find! I love all things vintage!
NanaDiana said…
I think every house in the US had one of those matchboxes in it to dispense matches. And..OURS hung right behind the stove-HUH? What? When I think about that now I think...well, never mind..I try NOT to think about that now. Some of them had a strip of graphite(?) on them to strike the match on. And if it didn't you would slide the box of matches open half-way so that the top strip of the box was up where you could use it to light the match. Hadn't thought about these in years! Cool find! Diana
Ricki Treleaven said…
Tracie, your matchbox is really cute. How are you going to use it on your patio?
Unknown said…
You won my giveaway! Please e-mail me ( with your information :)
Your matchbox is fab! I want one! A great find.
Have a great day!
~ Julie
Perfect, Tracie! I'm always forgetting to bring matches or a lighter out when we light our little outdoor fireplace.
What a unique find...I know you'll enjoy it outside on your the chippy paint on's sure to add some vintage charm wherever you put it :)
Stacy said…
Isn't it amazing how thrilled we can get when we see someone else appreciate something we own? I have a match stick holder very similar to this one that came from my Papa & Granny's home. Just a small piece of their home that brings a smile to my face and fond memories of my childhood.

Mine sits on my mantle in the den. I'm glad that you found one to enjoy!
Sylvia said…
I haven't see on of those in awhile, yours is great AND

Amy Chalmers said…
that is a sweet find! I am trying to work on my outdoor space too!
What a darling find! I have never seen one before but that is a treasure for sure. Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday this week!
Just perfect for an outside fireplace, thanks for linking up with VIF! xo Debra
Noble Vintage said…
I love these old match containers! so charming. Can't wait to see the patio makeover! Thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

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