This week in the Garden…

Well according to the calendar ~ it’s officially summer, although here in the Pacific Northwest are finding it hard to predict what the weather will bring.  It’s been gorgeously sunny for a few days and then a downpour of rain and several gray days to follow.  But the combination of all the weather has actually been good to the gardens – with the exception of weighing down the branches and splitting some perennials in the center.  But nothing has dried out or is looking droopy due to a lack of water or too much sunshine!  The “Polar Joy” tree roses have begun to bloom just as the Sarah Bernhardt peonies are on their way out.  Lots of blooms coming and going – (click on the photo’s below to see a larger picture!)


So I know you are curious to see what is blooming here at Fishtail Cottage this week…?

New varieties of peonies have opened up & can finally share my beautiful opium poppies (bread seed poppies) – I was given some lavender colored ones & hoping those are amongst those that have not yet bloomed…


Some cottage favorites are in bloom this week; spiraea, Jacobs ladder, delphinium, scabiosa, lady’s mantle, foxglove, clematis and snapdragons…


The pink snowbell tree is opening up this week – so pretty to see from a distance.


Some new Roses have shown their blooms for the first time this week~



Daylilies have arrived.


The water iris has peeked out next to the pondless waterfall


Some unique garden flowers have bloomed this week

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Thanks so much for popping over to see this weeks garden post! (hope to see you link up to Fishtail Cottage later this evening?) To see where I may be linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…

xoxo, tracie


ANNE said…
I'm a little envious! I only have Ladies' Mantle, pansies, painted daisies and chives blooming - our late spring has turned into a late summer & nothing has progressed much! Thanks for the photos reminding me of what's to come in my own space :)
Darla said…
I'm more than a little envious!! Such beauty surrounds you.
I have never heard of a snowbell tree. It looks very sweet. Cottage gardening is my favorite. Many of the plants that you showed are on the top of my list. I have some beautiful white delphiniums blooming now. Went out to snap a pic for a post and it started raining. Crazy weather here also. Yesterday it was in the 90's. Oh, do you know the name of that last yellow plant on the left? Very unusual, I like it alot. Not sure if it would grow in my zone 5. What zone are you?
Everything is looking so lovely and lush...How are the new trees in the back doing now?...I am sure they are loving the rain also.

Will be back later to link up.

Blessings Kelsie
Pamela Gordon said…
Your flowers are beautiful either from rain and sun or your green thumb!
"GORGEOUS"! It seems like yesterday winter was here and we were all WAITING for outdoor color! Doesn't it make it all the more splendid!
Have a wonderful week,
See you later,
Olive said…
Pretty and those roses are stunning!
BECKY said…
Hi Tracie! Your flowers are just beautiful!! I know they are such a joy to you!

Thank you for sharing your lovelies, and for your kind comments today!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!
NanaDiana said…
Your gardens are just gorgeous. I can't believe your roses...they are sooo beautiful!...well, everything is! xo Diana
Gatsbys Gardens said…
The garden looks wonderful! There are so many beautiful blooms especially the roses.

Anne said…
Love the garden!! You've got such a gorgeous combination of flowers... esp the Jerusalem sage and scabiosa. My garden is just getting started, but my foxgloves are in full bloom, and the roses are starting to catch up. I'll have to post some pics for Cottage Flora tomorrow.
La said…
Your garden is lovely. I would just sit and soak it all in.

Be sure to stop by this week to enter my giveaway.

Have a great holiday weekend! La
Faded Charm said…
All your flowers look amazing. Lots of my similar plants are not even blooming yet this year and raining and cooler again here today..uugghh!!!!

Where oh where is that sun?

Beautiful flowers and gardens!
I can't keep delphinium here or Jacob's ladder. A lot of your blooms look like mine :). Don't you love June in the Pacific Northwest?!
~ Julie
Ricki Treleaven said…
Tracie, you are such a talented gardener and blogger! Love your photos!
They're all so beautiful and thriving, too. Some of my flowers are looking like the heat already got to them (or maybe it's too much water??). Love your photos.
Your blooms are gorgeous! My goodness, I'm somewhat green with envy looking at your stunning flowers, you sure have a green thumb!! You're so lucky to wake up and sorround yourself with all of nature's colors and beauty. Congrats! Thank you for your lovely visit and generous comments. Have a great 4th. and may God bless you. Hugs, FABBY
Such beautiful blooms!! everything looks so lovely!!

You have a stunning garden!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!

Jennifer said…
Your garden is so pretty. I love the shot of the white gate.
Hi Tracie
Your gardens portray the perfect cottage style with romantic roses and peonies. So many other colourful blooms too.
I am interested in the snowbell tree, can you let me know the Latin name so I can look it up?
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your garden is really putting on a show! I love your daylilies... we are so far behind still because of all the bad weather we had, mine have not even bloomed yet!... I can't wait to see your lavender poppy!... xoxo Julie Marie
Your garden is stunning. All the hard work is paying off. Truly lovely. Thanks for giving us the tour.
Larry said…
Your photos and gardens are spectacular... I'm glad you visited my post the other day and made all these wonderful sites available to me! Larry
Jacque Ferreira said…
Your garden is so beautiful! I have just joined in and have never participated any any links before so I hope I have done it correctly. Thank you for setting this up and I look forward to exploring all the wonderful garden post. Your garden and photographs have inspired me ~ Jacque
Kathy said…
You have some gorgeous blooms going on in your garden! Thanks for hosting this lovely party!
Shirley said…
Gorgeous blooms! I have never seen a pink snowbelle tree before. I am enamoured with the delicate pendulous blossoms. Thanks for inviting me to join Cottage Flora Thursdays. I focused on fuchsia this week.
sweetbay said…
So many beautiful blooms! The allee of rose trees and peonies looks heavenly!
Your gardens are just gorgeous, Tracie! How do you keep up with it all? Between my flower and vegetable gardens, I can't seem to get much of anything else done these days. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
LindyLouMac said…
It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities and your garden. It is looking so pretty and I loved seeing the foxgloves, a plant I miss from the UK, as never seen them here.
Oh, what lovely flowers! My, how your garden grows. :)
Georgianna said…
Wow, so much blooming there! We're still pruning and weeding but the roses are about to explode. :)
Pearl Maple said…
so many beautiful blooms on show in your garden, it must be a delight to sit and enjoy them all
Sibylle said…
What a beautiful garden!
Your garden is just dazzling! I really enjoyed the walk through it and it's hard to pick out my favorites with some many colors and shapes to pick from.
Anonymous said…
Wow you have a beautiful garden! Have you ever considered purchasing a backyard greenhouse? I think one would look great in your garden.
Delilah said…
your garden is amazing. I have recently started to plant some things in my backyard it hopes that it will someday look like this. I hope I'm alive to see it. lol.

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