Love love love Astilbe in the Cottage Garden.  Just when you think the cottage garden needs a little “pick me up” these sweet blooms begin to show their beauty.  They have a whimsy type bloom that stays for weeks and in most cases the color changes throughout the duration of it’s bloom only to increase it’s prolific statement in the garden beds.  I have picked up several varieties to plant throughout Fishtail Cottage’s Garden beds.  I just love the texture  they add to my garden!
Astilbe’s are fabulous here in Washington State in both full sun to full shade. They also seem to do well in both dry & well drained soils. I haven’t seemed to notice a difference in either condition as to which situation they are found to be happier. Each variety has it’s own shade of thick green leaves at the base of the plant and the blooms are unique to the variety as well.  Bloom time is from late July through mid August.
Some of the following Astilbe photo’s show what is in bloom here at Fishtail Cottage.
Arendsii Snowdrift / Younique Salmon
106 100
Visions of Red
Europa / Peach Blossom
Astilbe 'Straussenfeder' Ostrich Plume
These plants are one of my favorites in the cottage garden because they are so low maintenance for me. They are not bothered by garden pests such as slugs or aphids (deer resistant too). They do however attract birds & butterflies. These fantastic blooms make fantastic cut flowers for indoor arrangements. Also make an excellent candidate for a dried flower. But do be vigilant in cutting the faded blooms before they go to seed or you will have a mess in the garden the following year with several new starts “everywhere”!

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Diana LaMarre said…
I love the pink astilbe with the blue hydrangeas. You have a nice variety of astilbes that bloom in mid summer!
Sunray Gardens said…
They all look exceptionally lovely. Mine are over with for the season now.
Cher Sunray Gardens
NanaDiana said…
I love Astilbe too. I love how feathery and light it looks. Very pretty post! xo Diana
I love this flower! And it made it through a couple of months way down here, then it turned brown and croaked. Now if I'm lucky all those seeds will pop up next year?? Oh goodie!
Loved seeing yours.
Those are stunning! There are only 3 in my garden, and a bit past their prime at this point in the season. Thanks for sharing yours.
I didn't realize there were so many varities of astilbe. I have the white that has now faded, only the green plant left. Our extremely hot temps have taken a toll on everything around here. hugs ~lynne~
Unknown said…
Absolutely stunning! They are all lovely! you are so lucky!
Julie Marie said…
Beautiful Tracie!... I love Astilbe also, and grow them in the shade here... xoxo Julie Marie
Shirley said…
You're right. The flowers do have a bit of whimsy about them. I have Bridal Veil astilbe, a white one, that I absolutely love. I have a red one too but can't, for the life of me, think of its name. Renaissance? Not sure.
Very pretty, Tracie. I have a few that have never gotten very big but they are beautiful! Yours look like they are doing so well!

Lady Farmer said…
I am always interested in fellow Washingtonians gardens ~ like to get ideas for my own. I love the look of Astilbe, also, but the deer eat them almost as fast as I plant them. So I will enjoy looking at them in your garden ~ they are lovely!
Astilbe is a favorite of mine. So airy and feminine. Your photos are beautiful.
Marguerite said…
Love the photos of the different varieties. I bought Visions Pink this year and wish I had looked a little closer before buying. I was hoping for your ostrich pink blooms and these are a bright raspberry. Oh well, they're still beautiful and easy to place so they will find a home somewhere in the garden.
Larry said…
So many beautiful astilbes... I truly love them and don't have nearly enough... they are so beautiful in drifts! Larry
Larry said…
So many beautiful astilbes... I absolutely love them and don't grow nearly enough of them! Great post! Larry
Suz said…
These look very shabby chic to me. Would love to have them in my garden.
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie, These are some of my favorite summer flowers. I just wish they could last forever. Don't you just love the bellowy blooms? They are a show stopper for sure.
Lisa Gordon said…
Astilbe really is beautiful, and such a wonderful splash of color at this time of year. Your photographs just wonderful Tracie!
Jacque Ferreira said…
Hi Tracie, I decided to link up with you again this week, I have been enjoying all the new blogs to read. I love these flowers and have been trying to find what will grow will in our Oregon garden. The area is coastal and I think they may do well there. They are so beautiful in your garden I can't wait to try some my self. Thank you for linking all of us that love our gardens ~ Jacque
sweetbay said…
Your Astilbe are beautiful! We can't grow them like that here, they struggle in our heat and humidity.
Lydia said…
How lovely. Delicate as lace traced on a wedding cake.
They look so dainty and delicate, alomost like lace!!
So very pretty!!

Boxwood Cottage said…
Hi Tracie!
I love all your Astilbe varieties.
Your garden is so beautful! I love gardens that flower abundantly like yours! Played along in your Cottage Garden Thursday today.
Sending you happy Summer wishes from Germany
Darla said…
Beautiful! I hope this is what I have to look forward to next year as I purchased and planted four this spirng.
Gatsbys Gardens said…
The astilbes are beautiful. I love this plant but they are shorrt lived for me because of the heat, gorgeous one day and dried the next.

Marcia said…
I saw some gorgeous astilbe at Winterthur this summer. In fact I included a photo on my blog linked to your post. The ones I have are young so I guess they must grow for many years before they look like yours or the ones I saw at Winterthur. How old are yours to look like that?
Marie said…
Wow Tracie - those are gorgeous indeed! They're like real feathers. I don't think we have that here in San Diego, but if we do, I'm definitely planting one. Happy Thursday my dear!
Charlene said…
STUNNING COLORS!!!!! Everything here is BROWN due to 27 consecutive days over 100 degrees & NO RAIN! YIKES WHY DO I LIVE IN TEXAS IN THE SUMMER? Thanks for sharing some beautiful colors with me! LOVE those two new chicks. DARLING! Oh how I wish I could have some! HUGS!
cherry said…
That first picture is fabulous..
As always your gardens are beautiful.
Thank you for hosting this wonderful party I love seeing what everyone is sharing. Have a wonderful weekend and
hugs from Savannah, Cherry
Anonymous said…
They're all so pretty!

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