Cottage Flora Thursday’s #29

Welcome to Cottage Flora Thursday’s #29. Please link a garden post (new or old) to this Garden Party…
I hope you enjoy looking at one another's gardens and floral ideas in the landscape & please do invite your friends (always looking for new gardeners to join in)! I do ask that you view and comment on other posts submitted by Fishtail Cottage followers & if you are not already a follower of my blog – please do so you can be reminded to join in again next week!!!
xoxo, ~tracie
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Hello, Tracie. I participated in "Cottage Flora Thursday" last week, for the first time. Thank you for providing this place to meet and share our photos. -Karen
Hi Tracie~ all linked up this week!!Thanks for hosting! :)
Hi Tracie,
Glad to be back in the garden :) and at your party. We have pink astilbe.
Love your chicks!
Thanks for hosting.
~ Julie
Gypsea Nurse said…
Hello Tracie~ I have had my head buried in the sand lately... so I have not been around..but glad to be back!
Unknown said…
Hi Tracie, Love all the gardens! I tried linking up with my garden, but I screwed up some how. Sorry, I'll get better at this if it kills me! Have a good one!
Lady Farmer said…
Hi Tracie ~
Thank you for the invitation to participate in Cottage Flora Thursday. Because I wasn't prepared, I reposted an older post on my main blog, but provided a link to my Garden blog.
Thanks for asking me to join in the gardening fun!
I'm linking up this week and looking forward to seeing other garden flowers. Thanks for hosting!
The third time is the charm, I have rhubarb growth! Thanks for hosting.
BailiwickStudio said…
I just discovered Cottage Flora Thursdays, and joined in today. I'm sure I'll be a regular! ::Jill
Tracie! Thanks for checking out my blog! I enjoyed doing "Cottage Flora Thursday" Thanks for hosting this great link-up! Happy Gardening! Mindy

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