Miss. Millie 7/22/11

Sharing Miss. Millie at "Show off your Cottage Monday!"
Millie had her first photo shoot this morning TriMood Photography! http://cmoodz.blogspot.com/
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Such a little princess! ;)
Suz said…
She is so cute.
oh millie is soooo cute x
Omygosh that is the cutest ever!
Julie Marie said…
She is precious Tracie!... xoxo Julie Marie
Unknown said…
seriously? just about the cutest thing ever!!
Ricki Treleaven said…
*giggles* Happy Pink {adorable} Saturday!
NanaDiana said…
Well, if that isn't one of the cutest things I have ever seen~ xo Diana
She looks like the stork brought her! too cute!
She looks like she is very sweet and well behaved.

Blessings Kelsie
Unknown said…
OMGolly! This is just TOO adorable!

Happy PS weekend ~
BECKY said…
This is just too much! I have never seen a pooch photographed like this! I LOVE it! Millie is a doll baby!!!
Have a delightful evening and Sunday!!
Cindy said…
How cute is that!
Hugs, Cindy
What a sweetie! She is such a good girl!! Mindy
Anne said…
Good name! She's so adorable....
Jane said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will surely join your party on Thursdays.
Millie is such a cutie!

Good day!
Lisa Gordon said…
This is absolutely adorable!!
What an adorable little one! YOur picture makes me smile!
Anonymous said…
Cuteness overload! I love her name too. I once day want to name a dog Millie. This go around with dogs, I had other dogs with names that sounded too much like that and it confused them all. One day, one day.

I hope Millie has many healthy and happy years with your family!
Valeree said…
She it just too cute!!
Oh my goodness...she is just adorable...you have a perfect model!
Oh...how cute! What kind of dog is she...I think I am in love.(-:
Shirley said…
This is adorable!
BluBabesCreate said…
We've gotta go get our dog from the pound!
Charlene said…
Milly is Darling! Enjoy every minute as they grow up sooooooooooooo fast!

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