New Roses have bloomed…

Nope, I haven't shared these yet – they have all just recently opened with the warmer temperatures!  I have done a couple posts on the roses planted in my garden – but these varieties are all new to you!
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Beautiful Roses! I love your pictures, you did an awesome job! I bet they smell as beautiful as they look!! Thanks so much for sharing! You definitely grow beautiful roses!
Happy Gardening!
Nancy said…
My goodness, Tracie -- you have as many roses as I do lilies. :) They are beautiful!
Leontien said…
Very very pretty! our roses didn't last long because of the heat....

Thanks for sharing
Casa Mariposa said…
Your roses are beautiful!! I really like the little purple ones in the last photo. :o)
Carol Ann said…
Beautiful! The pink ones are my favorite!
Your roses look like they should be in an English country garden.
So gorgeous!
Ricki Treleaven said…
You have a nice variety of roses, Tracie!
Jilly said…
Wonderful and superb collection of too beautiful flowers photographs. Your blog is full of rose, you did awesome job. promosyon
Hi Tracie,
Love all the roses! The last one is my favorite, blooms a plenty!!
Congrats on the new family member, so so sweet:-)
Larry said…
Spectacular roses! They are perfectly suited for your lovely home... Larry
Diana LaMarre said…
Beautiful roses. I can almost smell them through the screen!
nanniepannie said…
That's a lot of roses and they are all lovely. Thanks for hosting.
So lovely...yup it is official when my cottage garden grows up I want it to be just like yours :)

Blessings Kelsie.

PS: What did you end up naming the new puppy?
Sunray Gardens said…
Lots of very pretty Roses.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Darla said…
I love the first photo! You have quite an impressive collection of roses.
These are so beautiful! Our heat has done mine in for a while, so I enjoy looking at yours.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, just LOVE all your gorgeous roses!... they are all so pretty, I cannot pick a favorite... did you name your new baby yet?... xoxo Julie Marie
Linda said…
Beautiful roses.
Beautiful photos! Your roses are so pretty. Love the 1st photo of the buds.
Beautiful roses Tracie. I even saw leaves on yours, the bugs have been busy here.
Anonymous said…
Ok, names, girlfriend...we need names of those beauties! How else am I gonna know which ones I need to add to my garden??
Honey at 2805 said…
Your roses are glorious!
Shirley said…
Beautiful! How wonderful to have roses that come into bloom a bit later to offer that continual bloom in the garden. Thank you for sharing.
Pondside said…
I'm enjoying the roses so much this year - our first full year with the deer fence. Yours are beautiful.

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