Old vs. New…

Hard to tell sometimes what is authentically vintage or something that just looks vintage.  We all seem to want to have the charm of the “old” but certain items are better “new”.  Well at the Common Folk Co. store when I visited a few weeks back – I captured so many pictures of what I found to be lovely.  The vintage displays give the warmth of time, but are new treasures to behold – take a peek at what I have to share w/you this week!

If you see anything in these photo’s that interest you, please contact Common Folk directly @ (425) 747-4100…to see last weeks store pictures, click here.
Thanks so much for sharing your Sunday w/me and the visit with Common Folk Co.  xoxo, Tracie


Lady Farmer said…
What a great store! I see too many things that I am interested in to call, do they have a website? Can you tell where the store is so maybe I could drive there one day and visit? :~}
Wow, what a great shop! Thanks for the tour!!!
Hope your weekend is wonderful :)
WOWZA!! What a fantastic store!! Wish it was closer!!

Leslie said…
Pretty overload!!! I love the photos. I will have to look them up.
Have a great sunday
Simple Daisy said…
That looks like such an awesome shop!!!!!! So much loveliness:)
Wow what a wonderful shop!! I love all of the things in the pictures that you took ~
NanaDiana said…
What a great looking place. You would never guess by looking at the exterior that it had such grand things inside! xo Diana
Hi Tracie,

Looks like a fun place to visit!
Great pictures, Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

All the Best,
It looks like such a fun place to shop! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said…
WOW, what an awesome store. Love, love, love stores like this. Where is this store?
They are filled to the brim with beautiful items. I love that cute little shopping cart!
Victorian1885 said…
Great shopping experience! Thank you for sharing this wonderful shop with all of us.

Cher' Shots said…
Oh how I would love to set my toes into that store, I'd be lost for hours in hopes of not being found.
Thanks for sharing.
'hugs from afar'
Suz said…
Wonderful shop. Wish I were there.
Hi Tracie
What a store! I saw lots of things I'd like to pick up for a better look. Thanks for sharing.
Darla said…
This is a great store!!
What a great store! Glad to see it's not too far away from me. Thanks for sharing!
Ricki Treleaven said…
Tracie, this is a lovely post. What are the cute little thingies in the next to the last photo with the words BLOOM and GROW? THey are so cute!

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