New Sign for “The Coop”…

So you may remember the sign I had made for my entry way by Castles & Cottage?  If you haven’t seen it click here.  The charm of having the sign in my home, made me want to have one made for “The Coop”.  I contacted Paula again through her Etsy shop & we chatted about ideas & this is what we came up with! It recently arrived in the mail & I already had the hammer & hook ready before I even opened the package! 
114109I’m so pleased with the way it looks on the gate – I think someone needs to pinch me!
This coop has really come together quite nicely with all the whimsical and fun finds I have picked up along the way, because of clever and talented folks out there!
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Sandi said…
What a lovely and perfect sign for your gate Tracie. Happy Monday!
NanaDiana said…
Tracie-That is just DARLING! I love it and it really finishes off your coop area! Perfect! xo Diana
Unknown said…
Tracie, I LOVE the sign. It is so adoreable!!! It is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!
The plaque is the icing on the cake Tracie!
Love the way it all came together.... too cute!

Lady Farmer said…
Tis the cherry on top! Now my question is, do you clip your chickies wings? How do you keep them in such a low fence? Mine fly over a 6+ foot fence to get to the green stuff on the other side!
Unknown said…
oh Tracie, This sign is just so right for your COOP! Couldnt be any better..what a great addition...
Tracie it looks perfect! Thanks so much, you were a gem to work with creating your coop sign & I just love your chicken coop...too cute!
Hi Tracie
I love the sign, it complements the whole area and looks great hanging on the gate.
Heaven's Walk said…
Paula does fantastic work, doesn't she, Tracie? She is so darned talented! Your new sign look absolutely adorable on your coop! What a classy place for the chicks! lol!

xoxo laurie
My little ducks would sure love a coop like that..while my husband did build them a castle of sorts (large enough for a small bear) it does not compare to your beautiful little haven. SO LOVELY!!! Thank you for you sweet comments on {where i create!}
I love it! Signs just really make it, don't they? I always love your gorgeous birdhouses. They are so adorable.

Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Tracie, Of course I would love the sign! last year in my shop I made up signs for the holiday's that said "FRENCH HEN" it did well also for all those who had a coop loved hanging there "French Hen" sign!!

I just love your coop and the grounds around it, the pea gravel is perfectly French :)

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Love this!
It is so cute Tracie! I just love Paula's work...I just ordered my third sign from her...the latest is for my booth!
Anonymous said…
Your coop is my chicken's dream home. I am not going to show my girls yours. haha.It is amazing.
Unknown said…
How cute! I need one that says " MommaHen's Coop!"
Country Gal said…
Adorable! The perfect finishing touch!
Ricki Treleaven said…
OMGoodness, Tracie, this is too cute! I love it!

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