All-Tea-Towels Review….

So happy when I was contacted by Al at All Tea Towels last week! He asked that I go through his website and choose a couple towels to try out in my home and give honest feedback.  So hard to chose just two ~ there are so many really cute ones that made the decision really difficult! 
Go take a peek and see for yourself at All Tea Towels website ~ I’ll bet you’ll agree with me! Here are a couple of my favorites: click on the photo to be taken to the listing.

I wanted to order two floral inspired towels, but, I figured I should order different towels with different features since I needed to share my thoughts of these towels. So with my style somewhat in mind, I chose two that caught my eye immediately.  Happy to share that they arrived nicely packaged in less than a week from when I placed my order!    The feel of both of the towels are amazing.
One of my two choices was this gorgeous floral print. (click on the photo to be taken to the listing).
Victoria Rose Flowers Delightful Tea Towel

Top quality 100% cotton tea towel.
Size: 49cm x 68cm - 19 inch x 27 inch.
Machine washable.
Absorbent and durable.

And the second one was this fun “You wash & I’ll dry” towel is a cute addition to remind everyone in the house to help out! wink wink  (click on the photo to be taken to the listing).
You Wash, I'll Dry Tea Towel

Top quality 100% cotton tea towel.
Lovely soft and unbleached organic cotton.
Screen printed in purple.
Size: 49cm x 77cm - 19 inch x 30 inch.
Machine washable.
Absorbent and durable.

The stitching looks tight and solid and durable. I love it that there is a sewn in strip of material on each of the towels to hang on a hook as well. That extra feature will come in handy. 
Look how cute they are in my kitchen! I think I may need to order more when these are in the wash!

If your like me, the true curiosity I had with the towels was how absorbent the are when we have a spill and need to wipe something up…and how it comes out of the washer and dryer…
The towel that absorbed beautifully was the “You Wash, I’ll Dry”…unfortunately, the floral print towel beaded the water off back onto the countertop.
After washing the “You Wash, I’ll Dry” towel ~ it was wrinkly and not as beautiful before I washed it.  However, the print is perfectly in tact and still absorbs beautifully. This one I will definitely keep handy for spills and drying dishes!
The Floral print towel looks very nice after washing.  I would still happily display this towel in my kitchen for drying hands after washing.  I love just how pretty the colors and the look of this towel.
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Pondside said…
They're all lovely - I went to the website. It's nice to see a vendor who will deliver to Canada. So often it's not possible to order the things I see online. Thanks!
These are very pretty! I won two of them on a blog and love them! They aren't very absorbent but I use them for show! :) They are very nice to line a bread basket with or to just pile up on a shelf. Great review!

Have a wonderful weekend!

LindyLouMac said…
I love the one with hearts, suits my kitchen perfectly.
I hope you are keeping well, still reading your posts in my reader but apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!
Sandi said…
How fun for you to do a review of tea towels Tracie!! I love the "you wash I'll dry" one the best!!
Unknown said…
Love these! Thanks for sharing Tracie!
So pretty. I LOVE tea towels, but they usually don't absorb very well. So nice that these not only very pretty but are also absorbant!
I love the variety of designs that they have! Very nice...all of them! ♥
Leslie said…
Wow!!? They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
They are so pretty -- and I really appreciate your honest, detailed review of them. It seems that's often the case once you wash these which is probably why we need so many! Once they get wrinkled and shrink, then I use them for 'clean up' and not display.
Very cute! I am on my way to check them out.
Ricki Treleaven said…
I love the You Wash, I'll Dry one...too cute!!!


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