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After posting this a few weeks ago, I was asked to show a little more of my Cottage Kitchen in one post.  I get so nervous to show whole rooms to you, because there is so much beauty out there on your blogs and on Pinterest that I am not sure what others will think.  Although, I do take pride in knowing that each detail of our home, was chosen by me back in 2005/2006. So today I share with you our kitchen. 
Our floors are pine which is a soft knotty wood that shows many marks – it’s funny, I can tell you just about what each dent is from! Weather it be from hosting a pre-dance festivity for my eldest son where all the girls of course wore heels, or a chair falling because one of the kids were leaning back in their chair, and where a guest dropped a bottle of wine…what ever the mark, it’s a memory that will give charm to the house.
The cabinets are a honey color with distressed black in the crannies of the indents. Paired with a mix of styles of bronze hardware on the cabinet drawers and doors that matches the lighting and the faucet gives the look I so wanted when choosing all of these items.
033For the center island, butcher block was a must! No, we do not cut directly on the block itself, although there are a few wood dents and pen marks that have stories as well. We decided against a vegetable sink on the island to provide more countertop space for entertaining. The center island stain is a darker stain than the rest of the kitchen cabinets ~ also giving a break in the room of the honey color.  Drawers and cabinets are located on both sides of the center island, but one three deep drawers in particular have glass faces with a small space to fill with whatever I decide.  Sometimes it’s candy, sometimes its pasta, sometimes coffee beans…just depends on my mood! The only thing I after opening and closing the drawers many times, the ‘filler’ settles leaving space at the top of the drawer.
I would have preferred cement countertops, if I could have had them here. My  builder was against it. And because I am not a fan of the look of granite, I chose tile. It’s been almost six years here and I am still happy with my decision of tile. The large squared pieces, paired with the rustic backsplash and the sweet bullnose give a nice mix of texture to the room.

I really wanted a deep farmhouse sink…however, the cabinets were already installed before the sink was ordered, so I had to find one that would set inside the cabinets.  But I really do love the that I have.
081I thought it was essential to tie the Kitchen into the Great Room since they are seen from both rooms via a walk through and what we call a “pass thru”.  With that said, the importance of glass cabinets that resembled the ones in our Great Room was a must have.
080Another feature that I insisted on having in my home ~ a place to display my collection of vintage floral dinner plates was one of them. This is one of my favorite features in the kitchen!
036Since a big part of my life is morning coffee ~ a coffee bar (tea & hot cocoa) here at Fishtail Cottage is vital to establish a daily happiness in the house!  039

Recently the coffee mugs moved from the center island to this space next to the sink ~ it’s the only place that allows me the height to put the bottle holder that hosts them. Someday, hopefully soon ~ we will finish the wood trim around both the pass thru and the walk through.

Adjoining the kitchen is the dining area…and no, we don’t have a formal dining room! The one wall that we have painted in the house is a crimson color.  It really makes the area cozy. I think about painting the hutch, table and chairs white, but I worry that I might ruin it.  I am afraid to take that chance.

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love the plate rack to show off your collection. I'm with you--a coffee bar is a must! I really like that you used a mix of different hardware as well.
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I don't know why you are the least bit hesitant to show it did a wonderful job on it. We have a lot of honey tones in our kitchen, too.
Love your coffee bar. Your kitchen is a bit similar to my own in color and use. Love the hint of black in your cabinets. xo Diana
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful!
Your kitchen is gorgeous. I think your choices were fantastic. Beautiful cabinets. Hugs, Marty
Your kitchen is gorgeous, Tracie! So welcoming and lovely...I love all of your personal choices...the coffee bar calls to me and the dining area is charming!
Snooks said…
You certainly have no worries about being able to post something beautiful. Your kitchen is very gorgeous. I love your stove but I think my favorite is the coffee and tea bar. I gotta have my coffee in the morning to get me going but I love a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening.
You should be proud of your kitchen.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Carol Ann said…
Love your kitchen and all the beautiful wood! I also like it that you have memories from the 'dents' of your wood floors and butcher block. That's really special. Thanks for sharing your kitchen.
Wow! I would love to have your kitchen.
Why you were worried about showing your kitchen/dining I don't know, it' just lovely. I love those plate racks too. I would love one/
x jeanetteann
Sandy said…
very, very nice indeed!
What I like best is that
gas cook top!
Every kitchen needs
dings and dents. It's a
memory of the kids and
your friends visits.
Thanks for sharing.
Susan Freeman said…
Hi Tracie! Great kitchen and I love all of your charming touches. I have wide plank pine floors in my kitchen too and I love the way they age and bring so much character into the room.

Susan and Bentley
Unknown said…
Gorgeous kitchen, plus I am in love with those vintage plates! Thanks for sharing. HUGS!
Love your kitchen. So many well put together details and so comfortable looking.
What a beautiful, well-appointed and spacious kitchen! Your kitchen is fabulous and warm and welcoming! So many bloggers would LOVE to have your lovely kitchen! I can image you have many wonderful gatherings here! Thanks for sharing the heart of your home!
Unknown said…
Tracy, your kitchen is beautiful! I love your floors, the tile, love the colors. I would kill for that farmhouse sink! I want one so so bad. It is beautiful! Going to take another look! Have a great day!
and you knoooow i'm luving the vintage plates... ;)
annies home said…
love so pretty and looks organized as well

would love for you to come see me at
You have a very beautiful kitchen. Love the rack to hang your vintage dishes. It's great they are always in site. Boy what are you thinking - there's nothing to be shy about. What a very nice and beautiful kitchen you have. You have every reason to be proud. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.
Anonymous said…
Happy Pink Saturday! It is such a blessing that you were able to (from desire, finances, ability,etc) have the things you want...down to little crannies of black stain to drawer fronts you can change out. Something to cherish (the abilities and the conclusion). Sounds like you cherish it all, including the history. Makes it home.
What a lovely and beautifully thoughtout kitchen, with such nice details. I love your plate rack and the hardward on the cabinets is wonderful.

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