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Astilbe is one of my most favorite plants in my landscape here in the Northwest.  It is so easy for me to grow, disease resistance and the blooms are so whimsical in the gardens.  I love the variety available to us and array of shapes and colors that are offered to us.  The only think I must do when the blooms begin to fade is cut the blooms off to eliminate an abundance of new plants next spring.  I leave the foliage as it makes such a fabulous ‘filler’ in the garden’ through the fall.  When the foliage starts to turn yellow is when I cut it back all the way to the ground. Astilbe is deer resistant too, which it makes it so fantastic when you have areas to naturalize.
Astilbe is deer resistant too, which it makes it so fantastic when you have areas to naturalize.

Other blooms that have appeared over this past week in the garden are below…such striking colors in the landscape right now. From left to right the plant names are echinacea, lavatera, shasta daisy, guara, coreopsis, clematis, snapdragon, four o’clocks, phlox, lavender, fuchsia, lily, hollyhock, salvia, ?, bee balm, lily, bee balm and lavatera.
You can see that the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are blooming in their “white stage”.  I look forward to sharing the color changes of the bloom as they mature over the next month.
I have also been collecting my opium (peony, breadseed) poppy seeds to sell in my Etsy Store…if you have any interest in purchasing ~ please visit my Etsy Store or click on the photo below to place your order…
Appreciate you coming over to see my garden this week over here at Fishtail Cottage!
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Betty said…
I love your garden. I have tried to grow astible, but they do not do very well in my yard. I will try again one day.
Pamela Gordon said…
Your gardens are looking very lush and pretty. I like your varieties of astilbe. I have a pale pink one but this year I noticed it's so pale it is almost cream for some reason. I love your hydrangeas along the picket fence. You have a beautiful home and property. Blessings, Pamela
Your flowers are all beautiful! You really have a gardening knack! I love that Astilbe...I'm not familiar with it!
Sandy said…
I'm packing up and moving to where
you live. Your gardens are just
wonderful... such an array of
flowers. How do you do it?
I'm in rainy season and each
and every day it storms.. today 2.3"
yesterday 2.5" and each day for the
past two weeks it's rained. Maybe
I can send it to the Midwest where
their in need of rain?
I have no flowers right now!
Great photos of your gardens.
I love the astilbe! We have that in's one of my favourites in my garden here in Ontario! My only complaint is the blooms don't last long enough. I feel like my pink ones look like cotton candy and I acquired a deep burgundy coloured one last year that's beautiful too! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! xo wendy
Mindy said…
Wow, you really have a ton of it! I'm completely jealous - I just love astilbe. I have three plants is all. I really need to step up the collection! :)
The rest of the pictures are gorgeous, as always.
Your flowers are always ao amazing! So manyh different varieties, colors, textures - love them! I have one Astilbe plant, a pale pink. It has already bloomed as it warmed up here so early. I had a burgundy one too but it died =:( I think I'd like to get some more now that I am clearing out more of the area the other one is in. It's been so horribly hot, however, that I haven't wanted to go out there and work! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena
Hi Tracie: Your home and garden are just lovely. You have such a beautiful assortment of flowers. I love the poppies so much that I ordered some from your shop. Hope they look as pretty at the cottage..Happy Wednesday..Judy
Anonymous said…

I live your Garden and your astilbe. I have mine in a darkish corner of the garden. They really brighten it up this time of year, and seem to be very happy.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers
All your flowers are gorgeous! I love the color of the echinacea. I have some coreopsis in my garden but wasn't sure that's what is was until I saw yours.
Oh girl you had me oohing and ahhing through your entire post. I love Astilbe and I have a few that are looking lovely right now. We have been put on water restrictions so the day I don't water my plants look a bit stressed, but still giving me some pretty blooms. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.
Victoria said…
Wow..totally gorgeous post...lush and vibrant and magical! Fabulous photos..stunning!
Hi Tracie,I loved strolling through your beautiful, lush garden,filled with gorgeous blooms of every variety. Good to know that Astilbe is deer resistant, as deer has become a nuisance in my garden this year. Thanks for sharing your paradise with us and for for the garden party this week. Have a lovely day!~Poppy
Larry said…
Your astilbes are spectacular... absolutely gorgeous!! Larry
Your garden is glorious, Tracie--I love it all, but particularly the astilbe--wow!
Debra said…
AH you have so much going ON! :)

Love the hydrangeas against that picket old fashioned and pretty! Such a lovely place you have

Astible..I had one or two long ago when I was able to have a shady garden. They are so nice and reliable and delicate...

What a wonderful variety of flowers you have. Just lovely ....
Just beautiful Tracie! Love the red bee balm. I used to plant lavatera as an annual, but never see it anymore. I love astilbes too. I picked up white gaura this year but it sure doesn't bloomas well as the pink.
Hello Tracie
I'm late to the party but I have an excuse - I did a day trip with a couple of ladies to a daylily grower. (I only bought 6 new plants)
I like the view of your house showing your front gardens, just as lovely as through the front arbour.
I only have 2 astilbe and love it when they bloom, yours are gorgeous -so many of them!
I hope you'll share the stages of my favourite hydrangea of yours as it changes colour again.
I adore those towering astillbe buds, too. They have such a unique shape!

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