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A few weeks ago I shared with you our new rustic outdoor patio table and benches. Now that I  have lived with it for a few weeks, I’ve decided to give the landscape next to this sitting area a slight overhaul. Just as I shared with you last week about re-arranging my flagstone pathway in hopes of eventually finding the look I envision in my mind, this area needed the same. 
My main focal point in this landscape bed is the Red Coral Bark Maple.  047Which was getting overcrowded by a Red Twigged Dogwood that was directly next to it.  A few years ago when I planted this area, everything was so small that the difference seemed fine, however this year ~ one side of this maple tree’s limbs began growing upwards because of the dogwood.  036After eliminating the dogwood, I relocated a hydrangea from the flagstone pathway that was becoming too large for it’s space.  038Now the hydrangea will have the room it needs to grow…especially because I have the ability to trim the hydrangea into whatever shape I desire. 037At the base of the Coral Bark Maple I planted three beautifully pink blooming heather in a triangle.  This gives such a fabulous pop of color where something was much needed.  Two (one variegated) hardy fuchsia was relocated to this area of the landscape in hopes that they not only find happiness, but will also attract the hummingbirds. 
Knowing that it isn’t the right time of the year to be dividing, I decided to do so anyway and planted some of my hosta’s, delphinium and heuchra in hopes they will take root.
Also removed were several “Blythe Spirit” yellow rose shrubs that never bloomed this year.  I believe they were not getting enough sunshine anymore ~ so they were moved to the rose terrace.  
However, already established and definitely staying here in this area are several beautiful plants. Pigs ear, Japanese sedge, variegated ivy, pink lady hellebores, an unnamed rose, red twig dogwood, hydrangea, hino crimson azalea, white flowering current, Rose of Sharon, Needled Dwarf Evergreen, Mexican Orange Blossom, Fern, columbine, crocosmia, bleeding hearts, several tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs ~ a few others I’m sure that I’ve missed sharing…
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A couple new additions that I purchased for this area is the Bartzella Peony (hoping there is enough sunshine) and yellow hot pokers. Looking forward to seeing them ‘perform next summer’.
Thanks so much for coming by to take a peek my newest landscape project.Hope to see you link up your gardens to this weeks Cottage Garden Party?
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Gorgeous LOVE your archway
looks like a perfect place for a picnic!!!
Everything looks wonderful, Tracie! I admire you for digging up and moving things around, I know that is a lot of work. By the way, I need to divide some hostas...when is the right time to do it?

Gatsbys Gardens said…
I think you will be fine dividing now, still time for taking root. This revamp is going to look great, that's what gardeners do!

michele said…
it's so lovely, and i'm so envious. i have no talent in this area!

Larry said…
I love the area in your post today.... especially the Coral Bark maple. I have one here which I purchased about a year and a half ago... so far so good although I am concerned about whether it will actually be hardy enough for us. I do love the Bartzella intersectional peonies as well and would like to have them en masse somewhere in the gardens... I have four of them and am seriously considering trying division this fall and seeing how that goes. Your gardens are so beautiful and well maintained... I'm also envious! Just beautiful! Larry
Kate said…
the gardens are so lush and beautiful wow what an amazing gardener you are. Have a wonderful weekend

This is just gorgeous, Tracie--can't wait to see what it looks like next summer! That coral bark maple is beautiful--love them.
What a lovely landscape. You sure are a great gardener. Your talent with the pictures is very nice, too!
Following on Facebook. Love your garden. I think you have a great start there and definitely have a good palette to start with. Best wishes, Linda
Wow tracie, you have been so busy. I need to do a bit of dividing also. I did manage to get out and pull up a bunch of Portulaca that had reseeded profusely out front. It was gorgeous, but now looking a bit drab. I have been so busy with my daughter here for a month. She leaves on Oct. 2nd. Sure will miss her, but hopefully I'll get your poppy seeds in the mail then.
Thanks for sharing with SYC.
I like your idea of putting up a flagstone pathway. It has a very natural look. And I think it is the most flattering type of walkway for the patio, since most of its palette helps create a serene atmosphere. I know you can achieve the scene you want! Don’t give up on the red maple being the peripheral point. :D


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