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A little more has been added to Fishtail Cottage’s Bonus Room.  We are very happy with this table that we ordered from Home Decorators.  It’s a perfect set for card games for the old men in the house…along with a great place for the little men to set up lego’s.  The girls have already completed a puzzle up here!  I am just excited for the dual uses it offers us.  As you can see the curtain panels are hung which has warmed the room up quite a bit as well.  I think I’m going to need to add some photo’s to the walls, but little by little ~ right? 
I think eventually I’m going to need to add some photo’s to the walls, but little by little ~ right?  To see what else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Sylvia said…
Love your round white table, I have one like it but it's wood grain. White is always is so pretty and cool looking.
Unknown said…
We used to have one like this in wood grain too - great place for pizza night, puzzles, board games - we had it in our family room and it was well used for many years. My daughter still has it.

Love yours in white.
This is such a pretty table, Tracie! I love Home Decorators catalog. They aren't as pricey as Ballard's but have a lot of similar items. You might want to look at Homegoods for things to put on the walls...I was so inspired at what I saw there when we redid our family room.

Cynthia said…
I love the table it is so soft and very pretty.

Sherry Hicks said…
I love that you are making usable beautiful spaces for your family I smiled when you said legos and puzzles, so many memories will be made here! Love your pictures thanks for sharing!!
Wow! You've gotten a lot done! The table and chairs is a great idea! Everything looks so pretty! Hugs, Leena
designchic said…
The table looks perfect in your home...great choice!!

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