Week 5 of our Great Room remodel…

Getting closer…!  The center cabinet arrived and was installed during the past couple days!  I am grateful for all of the attention to detail that Petrick Construction has given my project.  Seeing the cabinet installed sure brings a coziness into the room, something that was missing before.  I feel between the installation of the beams, removing the shutters from the upper windows and the height of the center cabinet ~ the room seems more balanced than before, don’t you?


Also this week ~ I had my curtain rod hung.  I told my husband when we moved into Fishtail Cottage that because we have shutters, we would never need window treatments…lol!  I look forward to seeing window treatments in this room after six years. I will be putting the shutters backup on this window.   

IMG_0180I chose a more dramatic finial because of the room size.  And these pretty Pottery Barn Alessandra Floral panels for the room.  I love the this muted blue, and think it ties into the patio decor just outside the french doors of this room.

Alessandra Floral Drape with Blackout Liner

Today the hardwoods are being installed which is very exciting.  I am getting so excited to see all the visions in my head coming together! 


I am on the look out for something substantial for the upper shelf of this cabinet…any ideas? would love to hear…


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Tracie: Your cabinet is just beautiful. So elegant and the size looks perfect for the room. It's like you are getting a brand new house, isn't it. Can't wait to see it all done, and now I can picture you there!!..Happy Weekend..Judy
Burlap Luxe said…
it is grand and beautiful Tracie, What an impact to the rooms mood with such a piece of beauty. the grand big piece for the cabinet you will know it when it finds you :)
Don't go out hunting for something to fill your space, let the piece find you, this is when your look will pull together perfectly imperfect with just that right piece adding the right kind of rightness needed.

thank you for visiting my place inspiring that sweet small cage of interest. Tracie you too could set out to fill the shelves with piece of nature, some twigs laying across the shelves and cages of sorts, also bird art leaning against the back s of the shelves with books of nature of course old and tattered helps.

You can change out this space now and then by borrowing from your homes decor. How fun to have this much space to create.
Love it all.

Blessings to you and the space that shelters you and your family.


PS...Header is divine
Bernideen said…
Something horizontal - like a flying angel on a stand.
Gorgeous! Such a beautiful cabinet. How fun to fill :) Look forward to seeing it all finished!
Pamela Gordon said…
That is a beautiful cabinet and it really fills in that space on the wall. Can't wait to see it all completed! Have a great weekend!
Larry said…
The cabinets and the new flooring are beautiful.... makes me want to get out of the gardens and into my wood shop!! Larry
Marijke said…
Wow what a space you have and how beautiful it lookes.
Have a wonderful weekend Tracy.
Unknown said…
This looks amazing, Tracie. I must admit I was a little confused when you said you were taking the fireplace out - but now that I see your vision, I get it.

For the top shelf - I'm agreeing that you should let it find you - but I'm seeing something vintage - for now you could even make a sign out of some old barnboards (if that's your style).

Going over to Pottery Barn to check those curtain out - wondering if they come in a more neutral colour for my boring beige living room.

Have fun - it's really coming together now.
Karena said…
Tracie it is all coming together beautifully!Perhaps a wonderful urn for the center of the top shelf. Either a rustic garden or a white ironstone to set off the woods! Love the curtain pattern and color as well!

Art by Karena
Cynthia said…
The great room really has come along since I last saw it and the cabinet is just beautiful. I have been MIA since Hurricane Sandy.

Hi Tracie,
The room is coming along beautifully. Love the cabinet! Can't wait to see it when you have the room all decorated.
p.s. Thinking of doing a Christmas link party with a few other blogs. Would you be interested? Not sure how it works. I'd have to research it.
Oh my goodness! I LOVE how this is coming along! Did I ever see it before the redo? I can't recall. Anyway, you're right - the large cabinet and the beams and open windows make the room so balanced while keeping a grand look. I am also in love with the drapes you chose - so pretty! I think that I could sit in that room all day, admiring youro gardens out the window and French doors - and the next day, I could sit outside admiring the great room from the gardens LOL! Let's see, something for that big upper shelf? How about a giant fish for Fishtail
Cottage?" I'm kidding. A big architectural piece, either wood or iron, would be cool. Not sure if you have a theme in mind. I say look around, go to your favorite haunts with your measurements, and see what you find. The hunt will be enjoyable and when you see that perfect piece, it will be so special! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena
Wow love the wall cabinets. Can't wait to see the final reveal!
Love your new corner table and chairs, it fits perfectly into that area. Round tables are just so versatile and actually when needed you can squeeze a lot of people around them surprisingly.

I am yearning for shutters on my house both inside and out but the internal ones are so terribly expensive in New Zealand to buy. Obviously its nice if a house has its original shutters.

I love your chosen fabric for your curtains, it will look stunning....I'm thinking of some ideas for your top shelf, will have a browse later.

Lee :)
Your blog has a new look!
Wonderful built-ins.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Luv, Luv,

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