Vintage Santa…

A couple years ago, my mom gave me the Santa Mug that I used to use during the holidays from when I was little. I have since tried to collect some of the other Santa expressions as I come across them.  This year, I have had some luck finding a few new ones.  Still on the look out for more ~ but, I just love these ones! 
What made me even more excited was to see the delight in my one year old cousins, Sloan’s face today when she saw them – pointing to them and reciting…”SANTA”!  Loving it!
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Carrie said…
You have a nice collection already! I have one similar in my Santa collection. Happy Holidays!
I SO remember these! How fun to have a collection!

Merry Christmas to you, Tracie!

Great collection you have here. I am collecting them too. Merry Christmas!!!

I love Santa mugs! We always had some when I was a kid and I bought some for my children when they were little. I may even still have them in a box in the basement. Now I need to look and if so, I'll let the grand babes use them! How fun! Tracie, have a Merry Christmas with your family and all the best for the New Year! Hugs, Leena
Ruthie Miller said…
They are darling and fun for sure. Angela at Tea for Friends has a huge collection. I think she has a lot of luck at Good Wills. I think one of the major retailers did them this year too like Pottery Barn or one of those.
They sure make you smile.
Happy Christmas, Ruthie from:
Kristen Pare said…
Oh gosh, I didn't know there were all different face expressions! how cool! Merry Christmas, Kris
Unknown said…
Great collection, Tracie. I have a small collection of Santas in sleighs - it started with the one that my parents always had sitting on top of the huge television console when I was a kid. Poor plastic thing only has one present and one reindeer left, but every year it goes out. Now I have a few more to add to the collection. My siblings always look for the old one and comment every year that it's still around.
Hope said…
I remember those little candles.
Also, we had stockings with rubber elves on them. Don't know what happened to them.
Hope said…
I love the character of the old Christmas items.
Love your post of those Santa mugs.My mom has a set of those Santa mugs, sooo remind me of my childhood... Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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