Is it spring yet?

Yep, you guessed it! I’m still dreaming of spring…so I thought I’d bring a  little bit of “pretty” into the dining area. I am in love with the style of what some may call a rustic cottage look to my home décor.  Usually when I find things I love, and bring them home ~ somehow they just go seem to go together! 

Bringing in the roses is always a sweet touch…


Before the remodel of the Great Room began, I found some darling little lamp shades for the dining chandelier.  I’ve been storing them in my closet until after the remodel was completed and the holiday décor came down.  I love the certain softness the fabric rosettes bring to the rustic chandelier. 
I also found this fantastic lazy susan made of an old wine barrel with roughed up details.  The galvanized edges and the wood planks have so much darling texture…I love that it’s not only useful, but unique as well!
Is it funny that we are not wine drinkers, yet I still appreciate this fabulous piece?
As most of you know, decorating is never ending and the fun of it is changing things out now and then.  Right now, I’m loving the newest little touches to my dining area. 
IMG_0994Just trying to keep busy while I wait for spring! To see what else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Melanie said…
I am dreaming of spring too!!! Especailly today - the temp is dropping here after several lovely spring like allergy free days!!!
Linda said…
I wish it was spring, but alas we have awhile to go yet. It is actually getting colder and colder.
Sylvia said…
I am so ready for spring, don't like cold rainy weather, and it's both today and getting colder.

Tracie, those little lamp shades are adorable! The perfect finishing touch to your great chandelier! I also love that wine barrel lazy susan! I don't drink wine either, but that's such a fun piece, I'd be drawn to it too! I know what you mean about wanting things new and freshened up. I always get that way after the holidays. I want spring too. I think that as soon as Christmas is over, so should winter! LOL! Guess we'll just have to be patient. Hugs, Leena
So pretty, Tracie. Love those little shades..Happy Thursday..Judy
Oh, so pretty! Love the lamp shades and that lazy Susan is so cool! Love it!
Unknown said…
oh i love the added feminine touch of the shades to that rustic chandy! nice marriage! your room looks so warm and inviting! ;)
Faded Charm said…
I, too am dreaming of Spring. It has just been so darn cold here. Usually when it's this cold we at least have sunny days with beautiful blue skies, but not this year, all I see out my window is dreary fog these past few days:-(

Love your lazy susan!!! I have been on the lookout for one to use on our round table and this one would look great! Nice find.

I love the rosettes on the chandelier--how easy and beautiful! I can't wait for spring :)
Unknown said…
The softness of the roses on the little lampshades takes that chandelier to a whole new level - gorgeous!!

And I love, love, love your lazy susan!!! (can I steal it?)
Lydia said…
I love your style. It is "rustic adorable". Just the inspiration I needed on a beautifully blustery day.
Pondside said…
Just a little change can lift one's spirits. We're promised a little sunshine up here today, and I know that's going to make me feel a whole lot happier.
Leslie said…
I love your antique lazy susan. Great find! I agree, a little rustic is just perfect. Also.. dreaming of sun and spring time temperatures. It's been very cold in the pacific northwest.

First time stopping by and new follower!

Anxious for Spring here too Tracie. Too darn cold! Love the little rosette shades and that lazy susan is so unique. I would have snatched in up in a hurry. We are just getting ready to start on our basement. I have picked up so many things with plans to use down there. It will be nice to finally not be storing them. Love your beautiful kitchen!
Charlotte said…
Thank you for your sweet comment! Look like you have a very inspiring blog here! Will follow:) Have a great week!

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