A Dolly…

Recently my friend Christine, mentioned she’d like to find some vintage dolls for an upcoming photo shoot she is doing.  Christine is an amazing photographer ~ her studio is called Trimood Photography. I’m one of those people who, cant help but keep an eye out when I hear someone is looking for something in particular. I get excited that I may have been a part of finding the perfect item.
Since I haven’t had time to run this sweet treasure over to her yet.  I thought I’d do a quick post about what I found for her.  Normally this isn’t something I’d buy, but when I saw it at a recent estate sale ~ I knew she needed to have it.  With the the character of the cracks on both her head and hands, and the charm of the little dress, I couldn’t pass it up…

…my kids on the other hand, think this little darling is a bit creepy and can’t wait for her to be rehomed!  Me, she’s growing on me a bit!
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So nice of you to buy her for your friend and to give this little one a new home! I am that way too. If I know that somebody is looking for something, I can't help but scan for it when I'm out thrifting or whatever. She reminds me of my mom's dolls that my dad gave to me last year. A bit worn but definitely loved and with a lot of love left to give! I'm sure she'll be great for photo shoots! Hugs, Leena
LOL - There's something quite creepy about her and yet, intriguing. I love the details on the dress -- it makes you think about how many little girls played with and loved this dolly so long ago. But, I'm still with your kids -- she'd creep me out if she was around too long :)
Unknown said…
I love old dolls.
Especially ones in early clothing.
She is a treasure.
chateau chic said…
Sometimes the really old dolls are a bit creepy, but I can see why the one you found may start to grow on you.
Mary Alice
Tracie, I have a friend who loves old dolls. She recently picked up a couple of very old ones at an estate sale with me. I would not have even thought about buying them. Although I love and collect old toys, the dolls are a bit scary so I don't buy them. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. Daniel, the owner of Star Mill Antiques loves doll parts. He has them all over in his home. To me it's kind of creepy. But he sees the beauty in them. Then in the Flea Market Finds book it features someone who collected doll parts. To each his own I guess. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Your friend will love her. She's growing on me a little too! Love the doll dress.

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