French Garden Urn

I've been on the prowl for a French Garden Urn for quite some time.  I recently found this cast iron one down in Snohomish at “Annie’s on First”.  IMG_1094IMG_1095
It’s much smaller than what I’ve been looking for, which means I am still on the hunt for another!  But this will do for now! I just love the charm and character these old urns bring into our homes! 

I decided to paint it white and sit it outside in the weather to age a bit…but I couldn’t wait to begin planting bulbs in it!  I lined the inside with a plastic bag filled with dirt and gravel.  Crocus bulbs are sitting on top and being forced into bloom inside.  Oh how I love a hint of spring indoors!
After a few weeks a few blooms began to appear, but the showcase of flowers was not what I had hoped for. 
IMG_1428So I took all of the bulbs outdoors and planted them in my front yard grass to bloom next year!  The crocus bulbs bloom early enough her in Washington State that it won’t interfere with the mowing of the lawn. I think this will be fun, but we will have to wait and see how it works out…
I picked up a bleeding heart to replace the crocus bulbs…so pretty!  I’m sure many more beautiful blooms will follow!
Ideally, this one I saw over at White Ironstone Cottage is exactly what I want (but a matching pair) ~ oh, that would make me so very happy!
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Hi Tracie. What a beautiful urn. Sorry the bulbs didn't work out but they will do nicely in the lawn. We have some that come up that way and then I know that spring is on the way. I can see why you would want the other urn also. Here's hoping for you..Happy Monday..Judy
Pamela Gordon said…
That is a sweet urn Tracey. I hope the crocuses survive for a nice show next spring.
Susie said…
What a sweet urn. I love it. xo,Susie
Unknown said…
gorgeous! i need to start forcing some spring bulbs indoors. this late-winter weather is killing us here on the east coast. your urn and blooms look so cheerful! sigh....
What a gorgeous urn! I have several I love and am always moving them around and doing new things with them! I love the low profile it has!
Ricki Treleaven said…
I love the pretty shape of your urn!
Leslie said…
The urn is perfect and I love the little bulbs peeking out! It will be so pretty when all the flowers bloom.

Unknown said…
That urn was worth the wait even if it is smaller than you wanted.

Really liked the idea of forcing the crocuses - sorry the flowers didn't work out the way you wanted. But putting them in the lawn is a great idea. I love to see plants naturalized like that - we have lovely purple scilla which grows through our lawn.
Cynthia said…
I love this style of urn. They are so pretty. Love the bulbs peeking out too.

You are so adorable Love your urn !!!!Good Luck with the bulbs
thanks for the mention

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