Northwest Flower & Garden Show…

So the Northwest Flower and Garden Show took place last week!  The event is one of my most favorite things I look forward to every year!  My dad and I have gone every year together for as long as I can remember.  This year my main focus was seeing the Vintage Section that was introduced to the show for the first time this year!   When my dad and I arrived to the show on the opening day, I headed strait toward that part of the show knowing that I wanted first dibs on what the vendors had to offer!
Some of you may know that I have been looking for some garden urns for inside my home for quite some time. So when I spotted these great cast iron urns – I snatched them up pretty quickly!
While I was in line paying, I noticed this fabulous chippy wooden garden planter hiding under a bench – love love love it and will be so pretty outside on my patio filled with plants this summer!
IMG_1421I appreciate the rusty metal liner inside the box.IMG_1422
A three footed tea cup was spotted and purchased as well!
A darling vintage jar adorned with a sweet topper!
Another vintage birdcage has been added to my collection of cages!  Isn’t it sweet?

But the highlight of the show was WORKING on Thursday (if one can call spending the day in this booth “work”) for Deb over at Garden Party!  I had so much fun and enjoyed the entire day…I hope she lets me do it again and again…Love her!

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I'm so happy for you finding the urns and all of the other goodies, Tracie! I've been looking for urns, too. What a great sounding show this is. I'm waiting for the annual garden show here at Navy Pier. I don't know if they will have a vintage section but I hope so!

Happy Sunday!

Stacy said…
Was this the show in Portland? If so, I will remember the vintage section for next year. You found some great things!
Great finds. I'm loving the topper on that bottle. I wouldn't mind spending time in that booth.
Unknown said…
I think you hit the vintage jackpot. Love everything you found and the booth looks adorable.
Looks like you had a great day! Nice finds-I like the topper on the bottle. Have a good week.
Unknown said…
love you friend...<3
Oh the three footed teacup just stole my heart!
Unknown said…
What a great tradition going with your Dad. This time of year attending a garden show is the perfect way to bring on spring. And that's exactly what me and the hubby did yesterday - wandered around a garden show at a nearby town. Spring is in the air!! (although you wouldn't know it looking outside at all the snow and 20F temperatures this morning).
Looks like a wonderful time! Love the birdcage...all I seem to find here are plastic ones! Lucky gal!
Anonymous said…
Love the old bottle, especially the stopper, that booth is amazing, could sit there all day!
You found some wonderful treasures, now I am off to read more!

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