Not so sure…

I am really not so sure what this round wooden board is really for? I found it for $3.00 at a salvage store recently and thought I might be able to do something fun with it.  IMG_2970
After having it sit on the counter for a couple days and not knowing what to do with it, I took it to TJ Maxx with me to see if I could find a cloche that might fit on the top. Lucky me, I found one for $4.99 and brought it home.
Again, another couple days went by while I tried to figure out what put in my new cloche. I thought of a bird nest that was sitting on the side of the house that had been abandoned.  Also thought of some extra plastic eggs that I have in my crafting supplies.
Here it is all together…

I’m kinda loving it! To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Wow. It's perfect match, look, fit, etc! Amazing!
Nancy said…
Perfect!!! I love it.
pballard said…
This is so cool as I found two of these in my dads shop! I grabbed them as I thought they were neat. Now you give me an idea. Thanks a bunch. Great way to use it!
Debbi said…
Looks awesome, I love it! I need to get back on your Garden party--its on my list now:)
Unknown said…
ducha a sweeeeeet vignette! (do i spy a vintage gardening book? ;););)
I called this NIFTY THRIFTY:) A match made in heaven!

Kathy said…
Well it looks like you now know what it is for. The base is just perfect for your cloche. It would also look great with fresh leaves and a wonderful herb goat cheese.
What a score!! And it is beautiful to boot! Great work!!
Unknown said…
$4.99??? OMG, we pay about $30 for a cloche like this here in Canada. I want to go shopping in the states!!

I love how you put this together, Tracie. The board is so cool - could it have been a cheese board or is it more architectural in nature?
Weren't you lucky that it was just the right size for a base for your cloche.
Dana Bishop said…
This is very pretty! Such a vintage feel and not overdone. Thank you for the inspiration...
Could it be a former column base? It's just perfect for its new job!
Anonymous said…
Your project turned out stunningly! I am so jealous about that $4.99 cloche! :D thanks for always inspiring me to move forward with projects...
Hugs and enjoy the week,
Beth P
Cynthia said…
GORGEOUS!!! I love my cloches.

So pretty Tracie! They were made for each other! ($4.99!!!)

Linda at The French Hens Nest
What a great piece of . . . well, WHATEVER it WAS . . . the new life you gave it is perfect!
What a perfect fit! I love your lamp too. Are those feathers on it? It's very pretty1
Hi, Don't you just love it when things come together like this? Looks real pretty...Connie
It looks like they were made for each other! Love the textures of the nest, rough wood and smooth sparkling glass :) Wendy
Looks like it was meant to be :)
Kathy said…
Love it, Tracie. I adore cloches - great deal you found! The wooden piece could have been quite a number of things -I think you found its best repurpose - looks beautiful. I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
These pieces are all perfect together Tracie - great finds!
What a score and look how great that round piece works with the cloche!
Bernideen said…
Oh don't you just love a perfect fit! This is darling!
Tracie, Thanks so much for sharing this cute post at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Perfect match!

Take Care,
You nailed it Tracie... looks perfect. Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

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