…a little curb appeal

It’s always fun to ad just a little curb apeal now and then.  When we built our home in 2006 ~ I wanted shutters on the windows, but was talked out of it by the builder because he said there wasn’t room on all the windows for it and it wouldn’t look balanced.  Over the years, my want for shutters never dwindled!  So this past week they have been added to just a few windows here at Fishtail Cottage…& I LOVE THEM!









Because we spend so much time in our back yard, I decided to add a couple on the back of the house as well…


We also, embellished our garage doors with some hardware to make our doors look like carriage doors. The flash of black has been a bit of a shock – I hope it grows on me…


Now that the garden is winding down, it’s nice to add a little bit of curb appeal to the house…


As far as the garden goes, there is a few fall colors that are beginning to appear – but I continuously am cutting back and getting the garden ready for the winter months. The only fun and new bloom that has appeared is the gorgeous hibiscus flower ~ I’m appreciate these blooms as they are one of the last to bloom in the landscape!


I can’t wait to see what you have to share this week in your gardens…this is the last week of Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party!  So please do share your posts here!  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Garden Party this year and hope to see you back again next May!  xoox, tracie

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Sister Patty said…
You've done a WONDERFUL job!!! What was that builder thinking?
Susan said…
Wonderful changes! I really like the garage doors,too~
Love the shutters, you were right, they look fabulous and so does the garage door. Hugs, Marty
Julie Marie said…
They look fabulous Tracie!... and I love your garage doors too and the touches of black look great... miss you, xoxo Julie Marie
Bernideen said…
Your home looks so beautiful! I love shutters so as far as I am concerned - lovely! Your garden is captivating and love the way one garage door sits forward!
Pamela Gordon said…
I really like the shutters on your windows! Even though they are just on the top windows on the front they are enough and make the house look cosier. I like the black details on your garage doors too. Great changes!!
Unknown said…
wow..those simple shutters added some MAJOR "curb appeal!" LOVE them...and the hardware on your garage doors. truly. it's a nice contrast. ;)
Sylvia said…
WOW, the shutters look great!
I love your new shutters! They add such charm to your beautiful Fishtail Cottage! So happy that you finally saw your vision come to life. The hardware on the garage doors made them look totally different! Your home is lovely!
Linda at The French Hens Nest
Linda said…
I am not sure which state you live in; but if I was close I would knock on your door and ask for a tour! Beautiful and I feel the shutters brings balance the eyes goes from shutters and travels through the home and garden. great job.
Linda said…
I am not sure which state you live in; but if I was close I would knock on your door and ask for a tour! Beautiful and I feel the shutters brings balance the eyes goes from shutters and travels through the home and garden. great job.
HeatherF1 said…
The changes look great! I love the black on the garage doors!
Hibiscus always remind me of Hawaii, and I think that is a good thing, right? ; )
Unknown said…
When I read the first paragraph, I thought that the shutters should go on the two top windows. Glad to see that's exactly where they went! Adn they look amazing! What was that builder thinking? It suits the house and landscape beautifully, Tracie.
I love the shutters - glad you stopped listening to the builder. Pretty hibiscus too.
Val said…
Looks amazing and such a beautiful home.
Mindy said…
Oh noooo, the last party already?! So sad.
I love the hardware on the garage. Not too much of a contrast at all, I don't think. And the shutters are awesome.
I find it so interesting when people try to force their own personal opinions on you. Sure, maybe your builder wouldn't do it on his house, but he wasn't building his house, now was he? Our neighbor is a contractor and we had him come over when we first started our kitchen gut, to get some advice on a few things. He insisted that we definitely wanted to rip our soffits out and put a skinny strip of wall back up where we were taking one out. I had to bite my tongue, because I wasn't the least bit interested in doing either one of those things. It's just funny how adamant people are with their opinions. It just proves the fact that you have to go with your gut!
I think your builder was nuts. The shutters really look charming and so does your new hardware on the garage doors. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.
Donna Wilkes said…
I like the look of the shutters on your home. We did have shutters we would put up for spring and summer and take down during the fall. I got tired of doing that and now they are resting in the attic. I also like the touch of black on the garage doors.
Tracie, the shutters really added a lot to your home. I like that not all of the windows have them. I really like the garage hardware also. I think the pop of black is fabulous! I too love my Hibiscus! Think it's finally finished blooming. I always look at this time of year with a love/hate relationship. I will miss the garden, but also look forward to a rest. Hate the fact that Winter is coming. I love the change in seasons and it is so gorgeous. However, the older I get the less I love the cold. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
bj said…
The shutters really add to your curb appeal...
And, when you want a change in a few years, the shutters would look awesome in black, too.
I think they are just beautiful
Unknown said…
LOVE the additions you made! Perfect placement of the shutters!
Congrats Tracie, you were one of the top two most visited links on SYC this week.
Art and Sand said…
Simple changes can have such a big impact.

Your home definitely has curb appeal.

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