My 10 year old son’s room…

When I start thinking about giving a room a makeover ~ I find myself designing what I want for the room.  I begin shopping and pinning ideas online.  Having an inspiration board helps me stay focused on the certain style I am comfortable with in the ideas I am coming up with…regardless of what I am doing.

Another aspect that is difficult to keep in mind is the person/persons that will be using the room. In this case, it will be my 10 year old son – coming into the pre-teen years and keeping it comfortable for him, what his likes and needs are and what HE would like to surround himself with so that this room will be his own sanctuary!

To be honest, he doesn’t really seem to care what I chose, but I do run it by him first to make sure it’s something that he thinks is “cool”! His only requests are that it isn’t to scratched up and rusty and it isn’t white and ruffley!

This is what I am starting out with…a head to toe Pottery Barn Kids room!


We have striped the room to nothing, listed everything possible on craigslist, cleaned the carpets, put the toys in storage, repainted the walls…


…and started collecting ideas / items we think might work for what WE envision! Below are photo’s of what has truly inspired us to do in his room, some are ideas and some are purchased items that are waiting to go in his room!

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This has been a super fun project for me over the past few weeks, still on the hunt for more items ~ not everything will make it into the room and may have to be resold, but I’m having a great time playing!  I will of course updated you as the decorating progresses.

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Pondside said…
It looks like your son is enjoying the process too!
It's nice that you are involving your son. My boys were very noncommittal when I would do their room so it was always a big guessing game. One thing I recommend is a big hamper with a lid. I left the clean up to them, but I had a thing about smelly clothes on the floor and it was easy for me to swoop in and dump them in the hamper where they wouldn't stink up the room!!

Good luck...I can't wait to see what you end up with!

Unknown said…
It looks like you are headed into a vintage industrial look - have you checked out Funky Junk? She did a great job on her son's room - chalkboard wall and all!
So much FUN!! My 15-yr old son needs his room changed up too ... between us we removed anything too childish, but we really need to haul everything out like you've done and start fresh. I love the look of industrial/farm ... I have a lot of farm bins, tubs, crates that are perfect for boys! Can't wait to see the final results of your son's new space :) Wendy x
Mindy said…
How fun! I can't wait to see pictures of it finished.
What a great idea and such a smart way to decorate a room! I am looking forward to seeing how you put it all together!

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