My new little beach cruiser…

My husband loves to mountain bike…me, not so much!  But I do love to take a slower pace ride on a flat trail now and then.  We’ve chatted about getting me a bike for a few years now, so I could take a quiet trip now and by myself or on the Burke Gilman Trail here in Seattle with the kiddos. We’ve peeked in stores from time to time, but I’ve never really felt I loved one enough to spend that kind of money! However, a few weeks ago, I found one on Craigslist and fell in love!  After several emails, and text messages about connecting – I finally bought the bike today!  Not only was the bike darling, but the gal I purchased it from was too! You know when you meet someone and immediately hit it off and think – I could really hang out with this person? Yep, that was what it was like! 


Hope she doesn’t regret selling this great bicycle to me! 


Now I know it seems silly to snatch up a sweet little cruiser like this in the fall – but, when you find something you love, you shouldn’t pass it up, right?  It’ll get plenty of use with the family next year!  Makes me a bit giddy for nice weather!

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What a gorgeous bike! Love all the fancy detailing on the handlebars & seat ... and great shades of aqua & brown :) You've still got plenty of days left in the fall to use this bike ... I love to ride in the fall when it's not so hot and you can still take a picnic blanket & sandwiches with you in that wonderful bike basket ... great deal!! Wendy x
Victoria said…
That is so cute! I got a beach cruiser several months ago and had a couple of interesting incidents on being attacked by sprinklers then falling into a ditch. But I eventually got the hang of it! Happy cruising:)
I've always loved this type of bike, reminds me of summers spent at the Jersey shore. My daughter has one now. Yours is a great score!
Pamela Gordon said…
What a sweet bike! I love the basket and the seat and hand grips. It looks brand new too! You'll have fun on this next summer or perhaps on a few nice days this fall. Blessings, Pamela
Sandi said…
That bike is so cute Tracey!! I would have snatched it up also!! I would ride one like that. :)
Sue said…
I love your bike! I have a pink cruiser with hybicus' on it. Although I haven't rode it forever! Thanks for the reminder!

Take care,
Unknown said…
You did good! I love it! I have a cruiser (got for Mother's Day several years ago). And although I don't ride it as much as I'd like or should, I simply LOVE being on it when I do! Fall is perfect here is Texas for bike riding. I may get on mine this evening!

She is a beaut!!
Sylvia said…
Love it, you did good, enjoy your ride!
Mindy said…
How cute is that!?!?
Cute, cute Tracie! My daughter has a red cruiser and I love it. You'll look sweet sittin upon that seat!
Unknown said…
OMG, I love it!!!! And the seat is so cute too!
farmhouse-story said…
such a sweet ride, tracie! i was just given 50 yrs old bike for my riding a bike, not gonna happen!
Heaven's Walk said…
Oh my gosh----that is the SWEETEST bike I've ever seen, Tracey! Love every single added detail!!! :)

xoxo laurie
Oh, I love it. The design on the seat is just too cute.
Art and Sand said…
I loved my beach cruiser, but I traded it for a mountain bike for our longer rides.

Fall, winter, spring, summer . . . I ride all year long.

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