Autumn Color…

After seven years, my garden is still getting established so I don’t have as much color from a distance as some landscaped yards.  Although every year, I see a little more potential in the autumn colors here at Fishtail Cottage.


As each year passes, the color of autumn is more and more pronounced.  I have added more and more maple trees every year to help with seeing some beauty this time of year. The Coral Bark Maple hast begun to turn over this past week.


Another beautiful ‘unnamed’ maple in the landscape brings some gorgeous red color to the garden.  I grew this pretty tree from seed!


The Burning Bush Shrub is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  Look how pretty it is next to the lilac shrub just behind it…


IMG_7058This year, I can appreciate the fall color of the Stewardia tree this year…this one gets a lot of sunshine, so it is showing some glorious color!  Pictures just don’t do this tree justice.


You can see the color changes a little better here in this photo…I wish I could fast-forward ten years to see what this area of the garden will look like!  Part of the enjoyment of the garden is the time that is put into it, so I will have to be patient to see my vision! A few snapshots to share with you of the garden…it’s been dark and foggy here, so you’ll just have to imagine what it would look like when the sunshine bounces off the leaves.





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Our photos said…
You have make beautiful Autumn photos!
Greetings, RW & SK
Unknown said…
Stunning! I think you have a gorgeous autumn show.
Sylvia said…
Your gardens are beautiful, as always. I can see how they will be so much more beautiful when everything has matured in a few years.
Sunray Gardens said…
The color is already lovely for you. We are barely doing any color as of now so hope it starts soon.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Your gardens are well planned to include fall colour Tracie. I was bragging about your group of Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas at a garden show yesterday. A nursery had one in a pot and a discussion started. I told the rep how I'd seen your beautiful display but wasn't able to find one for myself and ended up buying Fire and Ice. (which is not as vigorous)
Pamela Gordon said…
Your gardens and yard look so pretty now. Well, they look pretty all summer too! But the fall foliage is really popping against the tall cedar trees. Lovely!
I ADORE all the colors! beautiful!
Mrs. Laura Lane said…
You have lovely colors. Your work is paying off. Just beautiful!

Harvest Lane Cottage

Cynthia said…
Your garden is truly beautiful in all its fall glory!!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

your yard and gardens are absolutely gorgeous. love all the many shades of Autumn!
Bernideen said…
Your yard looks so lovely and I especially always love the Burning Bush!
WOW!! Your gardens are absolutely beautiful!!
Anonymous said…
Your gardens still look lovely.
Unknown said…
What an awesome garden & yard! Luv the rocky border around your flower beds. Is that pea gravel or small stones? Do tell! Tiff
Amazing is all I can say! Your garden is layered and colorful! Your home is beautiful as well!!! Happy weekend to you!!
woow.. that is some great colours :)
Lovley photos....
and do not miss my little......


it is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)
Wow Tracie! I can't believe how many gorgeous blooms you still have! The combination of them with the changing foliage is nothing less than spectacular! We have a large sugar maple on the side of our front yard which turns a beautiful shade of bright red. I'm going to try to catch a picture of it this year because one day it's fabulous and the next day, it can be completely naked! I was just thinking that next weekend might be a good time to take a foliage drive and admire the trees up near the mountains before they're gone. Take care! Hugs, Leena

Tracie, your garden has gorgeous Fall color! You've done such a great job of placing everything. My burning bush is still so small. The deer just munch it down every year. It's brilliant red, but not very big. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
Hi Tracie, featuring you at SYC this week.

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