Fall Porch…

Decorating for fall, especially the front door makes a home just so inviting!  This past weekend I kept myself super busy with a few projects, the entrance to our home was just one of them.  I set out early Sunday morning to find corn stalk and pumpkins. I found myself at the local fruit market to pick up just about everything I needed. Although much of the selection was ‘picked over’, I found some great fall décor to bring home.  Once I put the corn stalks and pumpkins in place, it felt like something was missing… I decided to raid the neighbors maple trees that had fallen to adorn my walkway and front porch.  I think sneaking those over here, added the perfect touch!



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Love the front porch and I do love the entrance gate, I even love all the leaves on the sidewalk to the front door...of course I love the pumpkins because they have the long stems, love that...
Faded Charm said…
Beautiful Fall decor and I especially love your wood door!

Sylvia said…
Beautiful!! Love all the fallen leaves.
Pamela Gordon said…
Tracie, your front entry looks pretty for fall. I think it's funny that you 'stole' leaves from your neighbour. :) Blessings,
Your entrance looks VERY welcoming :) The fact that you collected your neighbour's leaves makes me laugh. We used to have three mature sugar maples in our previous backyard and had so many leaves each year. We had no kids at the time, and our neighbour's kids would ask us if they could rake all the leaves into their yard to play in. The parents were ok with this too, so it took care of a good portion of yard clean up for us! Have a great week! Wendy
HeatherF1 said…
Everything looks great! I am cracking up about you taking the leaves, as my husband just said that there is a woman putting leaves into the back of her truck from our piles outside. Did you come down here, Tracie? Ha Ha! He said we should tell her to bring her rake into the backyard where there are plenty more.
Unknown said…
You are so funny! Yesterday I paid someone to blow the leaves off of my front walkway. Your porch and walk look lovely and quite welcoming. Happy beautiful Fall evening to you.
And my grandmother keeps raking her leaves and I keep telling her not too because they are beautiful! I'm going to show her a picture if your front porch.
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous job you did! I love all the leaves and well, pumpkins of all shapes and colors go without saying! The acorns in the nest is a great idea that if you don't mind I think I might just have to copy! :D
Beth P
Cynthia said…
Tracie, your front porch is gorgeous. I love the leaves that are there, the colors are so pretty. While I am here, I thought since you really have achieved a growing garden. What trees have fall color of bright orange/red? It for future reference for our house we are building. B y the time it is finished I will have to plan landscaping. Trees not sure about. I am to lazy to Google, LOL!!! I would love for you to stop over and see what has been going on and follow back!

Beautiful, natural Fall décor....I see you have a bunch of the Fairy Tale Pumpkins too...those are my favorites. I get them at Trader Joes every year....love your porch....
come snoop around at my porch when you get a chance...
Greetings from Olympia
Fishtail Cottage looks beautiful, love the way you've decorated.
Isn't it funny how we are always cleaning up our leaves but yet they give everything the perfect Fall Look. I laughed when I read that you borrowed them from the neighbor. lol! Trying to figure out if I have a place to display your calendar.
Love your beautiful walkways, strewn with glorious dressings of fall! So beautiful!
Your porch looks wonderful! The pumpkins and corn stalks really say welcome and the maple leaves add the perfect touch.

I chuckled as I read that they were stolen from your neighbors. Should we visualize you surreptitiously sneaking, or boldly striding, over to gather the leaves?
Very welcoming. The fall colors are so gorgeous, aren't they?

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