Girls Bathroom Reveal…

Like I said in my last post about the girls bathroom, It’s difficult to photograph this room because of it’s tight quarters!  but I tried my best!  What feels so good is the simplicity of the bathroom and the fact that it is organized – it doesn’t feel busy and frantic! So here are all the photo’s to share with you of the reveal!


Now I know it will be a miracle if they are able to keep it organized – but I at least would like it to stay clean enough for guests to walk in and comfortable to use this room! I will admit, that I sent a text to my girls saying “if I come in and there is anything on your counter other than the two glass containers and the soap – it will become mine until the following Sunday” – so far so good!

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Love all the baskets with tags and love the feel of the new bath, so it.
I love it, Tracie! It's cute and organized and the rustic pieces are timeless.

I always tell my kids (and hubby) to leave the bathroom cleaner than when they walked in. Sometimes it even works! ;-)

Great job!

Unknown said…
love it! just the right amount of feminine industrial chic! perfection! ;)
Sandi said…
SO , SO gorgeous Tracie!!! You can come and redo my house. :)
It looks beautiful! I love the glass containers and that ruffle shower curtain is the best!
I love the mix of girlie with the industrial. Very nice.
Love it! The shower curtain is adorable.
Beautiful! Love it!!! I have a ruffled shower curtain very similar...that will be going with me to the new cottage! Blessings~~~Roxie
Unknown said…
The whole bathroom is gorgeous! But my favourite just might be that amazing ruffled shower curtain - how sweet and vintagey and feminine!
Lovin' that pretty shower curtain and that awesome towel rack.

NanaDiana said…
Tracie-What a wonderful, wonderful girls' bathroom. I love the shower curtain and the way it is all so organized. Now if you can just get them to rinse the toothpaste out of the sink in the morning!;>) xo Diana
What a lovely room! I'm sure the girls will spend a lot of time in there!
Burlap Luxe said…
Love the out come, Hannah has an old galvanized bucket for a waste can as well.
Love the bucket more that any new wasted can could offer and so unique :)

Thank you lady T for share such a private space.

Heaven's Walk said…
What a sweet space, Tracie! It's just so sweet yet very chic! I'll bet they just love it!

xoox laurie
Unknown said…
It's all gorgeous!

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