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I’ve been wanting to create some clay tags that I’ve seen others make out there, there are a lot of recipes, suggestions and ways to do these! So because it was a quiet night, I went ahead and used Post Road Vintage’s recipe ~ mainly because I had all the supplies at home! IMG_9587 I thought I would make them with my youngest son for his valentines this year. So I thought I would give it a whirl alone first and so glad now that I did! I mixed up the ingredients that was recommended ~
        • 2 cups flour , 1/2 cup salt, 3/4 cup hot water
Once I kneaded the mixture with the spatula my hands to get what I assumed to be the right consistency. I rolled out the dough to the recommended approximate ¼” thickness. Using a cookie cutter I made some circles and hearts.
I cut out a small hole using a drinking straw in each one so that I could string a ribbon through once I’ve completed the decorating process!
My tags did not turn out like some that I’ve seen online, they were not smooth and my mixture must not have been sufficient to the right consistency. I added a little water to the top and smoothed out what I could by rubbing my fingers along the surface. But they were still very much… ”imperfect”.
 For a fun idea, on a few of them, I used a lettering stamp set to imprint a few words to try out.
The first night, I decided to put them in the oven for a small amount of time, to help dry faster as I was anxious to decorate them. After an hour I took them out and they were still not ready…so I figured I’d need to let these sit on the counter overnight. IMG_9558Although the next morning ~ they still did not seem ‘ready’. So I put them back in the oven on ‘warm’ for a few hours and kept flipping them over and over. You can see in this photo ~ that they were still not replicated to what I had seen online.  So I painted both sides of each one with white paint.     So, I just finished decorating and couldn’t wait to write this post. I used colored paint, stamps, markers and ribbon. Some I painted over what I didn’t like and just started over…
My favorite ones where the white and black ones…but I thought I’d try a few other colors too for fun! 

A few of my favorites ended up being the ones I thought were just a mess ~ and after doing these, I decided ‘simple’ decorating seemed to turn out the best!  IMG_9584
What do you think?  Do you have a favorite? InstagramCapture_85a4cc48-90d8-4f61-9cef-a40c608a2402_jpg I love that I made different styles for different uses.  I know I will use all of these for gift tags, but the big question is…will I make these again? Why of course I will! I love that they are perfectly imperfect and have a lot of character.  I may seek out other ways to make clay tags ~ but these were super fun to try.  I will not be doing these with my son for Valentines Day ~ I need to find another idea for that!
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Loving the music heart, perfectly imperfect! Boy when you commit to a craft you commit and stay with it. I prefer the black and white ones but enjoy them all.
These are all so sweet and creative! I'm following you on pinterest now. I love your Christmas inspired board...and all of them! Hugs!
Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Tracie,
I have a recipe for a way more complicated clay formula been wanting to do this but the time it too, and all that was needed in the quantity of maying the clay was more then I could deal with at this time :)
You are inspiring me to try the one I have, just to be a bit different here. Love your tags, they look so fun to make.

Have a beautifully inspiring week.
Keep on Tagging
Or was that the wrong word to use? I know that you don't have cans of spray paint and your not running wild tagging up the a storm :)
But, do keep up the great Tag work.

These are adorable. I have been wanting to do these tags for the longest time, but just haven't gotten around to it. You have motivated me to get busy.
Tracie, I have been wanting to try this for some time now. I actually love the imperfections! I'm sure if I had been making them I would have thought the same as you did at first. I love the birdy ones and the ones with the scripts and the airmail looking stamps. I didn't realize the ingredients were so minimal. Want to give this a whirl! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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