Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 4/28/14

We are having amazing weather here in Seattle…today we are experiencing mid 80’s temperatures and tomorrow we are supposed to have similar weather.  You won’t here any complaints from me. It’s just beautiful and the landscape is certainly responding nicely.  Although after I write this post, I will need to spend some time out there watering everything by hand…we haven’t even turned on the sprinkler system yet. To be honest, I am looking forward to this summertime chore, that way I can really see what is waking up out there! 

This week the Tree Peonies are showing some beautiful blooms!  They are so amazingly fragrant, I wish there was a  way to share them with you!


We are still seeing a few tulips this week and the columbine and crabapple trees are photo’d below.


Sweet William has bloomed all over the place ~ I allow this plant to roam freely as its such a beautiful filler in the landscape and overwhelmingly fragrant next to the patio.


A few of the lilac’s have appeared as well ~ I think this sunshine is waking everything up a little earlier than normal, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much in bloom at the same time.


Looks like the cottage garden that I’ve carefully laid out for the past  seven years is finally taking shape the way I intended it to be.  The English Bluebells are happy and putting on their own show in the gardens. Cherub statuaries are a must ~ I’ve found all of mine second hand!


Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party goes live tomorrow morning (Thursdays May 1 – October 2, 2014).  I can’t wait to see everyone's garden posts!  Please invite your friends ~ everyone is welcome!


xoox, tracie


JP said…
Beautiful flowers, Tracie!
Nancy's Notes said…
Oh my, each flower is just stunning! I believe I can smell their scent from here! I'm sure you will have a wonderful garden party, sounds like fun!
What a beautiful garden you have! Everything looks so pretty. Looking forward to the garden party!
RaeAbigael said…
lovely garden! :)

Ok I have to move there! here in the Midwest things are JUST now starting to poke thru....and I'm getting anxious...Your garden is just beautiful...I love it!
I can't believe how much is flowering! I planted tree peonies last year so I am so excited to see yours blooming. Mine are just starting to have some growth. Your cottage garden is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see it grow and change this summer as each plant flowers and adds to your beautiful landscape.
I'm hoping to join your party, I better get a post together!! :))

simply gorgeous!! I always love coming here to see your garden pictures....I dream of having peonies and tulips and bulbs and lilacs. I love that the garden party is returning too! Thanks for that.
Marsha said…
You have such a beautiful garden and I love all the early season color you are showing. The peonies are my favorite, wish I could smell them!
Mindy said…
Everything is looking beyond beautiful! I LOVE that lilac, do you know the name? And the peonies, of course, are stunning.
You've created a gorgeous border and I do like the light pink columbine. I wish you could share the scent of the peonies too, more delicate pinks.
Boxwood Cottage said…
Your garden is a true paradise! Seeing your pictures I can't wait for my peonies to bloom again.
Boxwood Cottage said…
Oh so many wonderful Spring garden pictures! It's so good to see them again. I'm happy tp play along today. Wishing you very happy May days Tracie! Carola from Germany
Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!!
Draffin Bears said…
You have a beautiful garden and really love the peonies.
happy weekend
trishie said…
Wow wow wow! I'm have some serious garden envy. Gorgeous blooms
Unknown said…
I've never seen tree peonies before - they are utterly beautiful! Thanks for sharing <3
Fiona said…
what an amazing garden - I think my favourites would have to be those pink peonies :)
your beautiful garden is in full spring bloom. Lovely photos my friend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥
Unknown said…
Oh how lush your garden is! xoxo Jen
Beverly said…
Tracie, your garden is exquisite. You have created such a lovely place. Every bloom is a stunner. Our peonies haven't started to bloom yet.

Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for joining us this weekend, and for making Pink Saturday special.
Just beautiful! Magazine worthy.
Don't you love spring? There is so much going on in the garden. Every day it's something new. Your flowers are lovely.
Tracie, your tree peonies are gorgeous! I had a purple one at my previous home. The blooms were always huge. My peonies are just in bud. Can't wait to bring some indoors. Your garden is always stunning! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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